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12020Role of Oxidized Mo Species on the Active Surface of Ni–Mo Electrocatalysts for Hydrogen Evolution under Alkaline ConditionsBau, Jeremy A.; Kozlov, Sergey M.; Azofra Mesa, Luis Miguel ; Ould-Chikh, Samy; Emwas, Abdul-Hamid; Idriss, Hicham; Cavallo, Luigi; Takanabe, KazuhiroArtículoRoleofoxidized.pdf.jpg
22020σ/π Plasticity of NHCs on the Ruthenium–Phosphine and Ruthenium═Ylidene Bonds in Olefin Metathesis CatalystsAzofra Mesa, Luis Miguel ; Vummaleti, Sai V. C.; Zhang, Ziyun; Poater, Albert; Cavallo, LuigiArtículoacs.organomet.0c00536.pdf.jpg
32020Conversion of racemic alcohols to optically pure amine precursors enabled by catalyst dynamic kinetic resolution: experiment and computationAzofra Mesa, Luis Miguel ; Tran, Mai Anh; Zubar, Viktoriia; Cavallo, Luigi; Rueping, Magnus; El-Sepelgy, OsamaArtículoConversion of racemic alcohols.pdf.jpg
42020Liquefied Sunshine: Transforming Renewables into Fertilizers and Energy Carriers with ElectromaterialsMacFarlane, Douglas R.; Choi, Jaecheol; Suryanto, Bryan H. R.; Jalili, Rouhollah; Chatti, Manjunath; Azofra Mesa, Luis Miguel ; Simonov, Alexandr N.Artículo10.1002adma.201904804 (1).pdf.jpg
52020Shedding Light on the Interfacial Structure of Low-Coverage Alkanethiol LatticesPensa, Evangelina; Azofra Mesa, Luis Miguel ; Albrecht, Tim; Salvarezza, Roberto C.; Carro, PilarArtículoSheddinglightinterfacial.pdf.jpg
62020Manganese-Catalyzed Regioselective Dehydrogenative C- versus N-Alkylation Enabled by a Solvent Switch: Experiment and ComputationBorghs, Jannik C.; Zubar, Viktoriia; Azofra Mesa, Luis Miguel ; Sklyaruk, Jan; Rueping, MagnusArtículomanganese-catalyzedregioselective.pdf.jpg
72020Stabilisation of dianion dimers trapped inside cyanostar macrocyclesAzofra Mesa, Luis Miguel ; Elguero, José; Alkorta, IbonArtículoStabilisation of dianion dimers.pdf.jpg
82020In silico design of novel NRR electrocatalysts: cobalt–molybdenum alloysCastellano-Varona, Blanca; Harb, Moussab; Araña Mesa, Francisco Javier ; Cavallo, Luigi; Azofra Mesa, Luis Miguel Artículoinsilicodesign.pdf.jpg
92020A conceptual DFT study of phosphonate dimers: dianions supported by H-BondsAzofra Mesa, Luis Miguel ; Elguero, José; Alkorta, IbonArtículoConceptual DFT Study.pdf.jpg
102019Manganese‐Catalyzed Multicomponent Synthesis of Pyrroles through Acceptorless Dehydrogenation Hydrogen Autotransfer Catalysis: Experiment and ComputationBorghs, Jannik C.; Azofra Mesa, Luis Miguel ; Biberger, Tobias; Linnenberg, Oliver; Cavallo, Luigi; Rueping, Magnus; El‐Sepelgy, OsamaArtículo
112019Quantifying electronic similarities between NHC-gold(i) complexes and their isolobal imidazolium precursorsAzofra Mesa, Luis Miguel ; Veenboer, Richard M. P.; Falivene, Laura; Vummaleti, Sai V. C.; Poater, Albert; Nolan, Steven P.; Cavallo, LuigiArtículoQuantifying electronic similarities.pdf.jpg
122019Regression analysis of properties of [Au(IPr)(CHR2)] complexesVeenboer, Richard M. P.; Azofra Mesa, Luis Miguel ; Gasperini, Danila; Collado, Alba; Cordes, David B.; Slawin, Alexandra M. Z.; Cavallo, Luigi; Nolan, Steven P.ArtículoRegression analysis properties.pdf.jpg
132019Unravelling the reaction mechanism for the Claisen-Tishchenko condensation catalysed by Mn(I)-PNN complexes: a DFT studyAzofra Mesa, Luis Miguel ; Cavallo, LuigiArtículoUnravellingTheReactionMechanis.pdf.jpg
142019Diastereoselective diazenyl formation: the key for manganese-catalysed alcohol conversion into (E)-alkenesAzofra Mesa, Luis Miguel ; Poater, AlbertArtículoDiastereoselective diazenyl formation.pdf.jpg
152019Hydrogen Evolution in [NiFe] Hydrogenases: A Case of Heterolytic Approach between Proton and HydrideQiu, Siyao; Azofra Mesa, Luis Miguel ; Macfarlane, Douglas R.; Sun, ChenghuaArtículohydrogenevolution.pdf.jpg
162019MoS2 Polymorphic Engineering Enhances Selectivity in the Electrochemical Reduction of Nitrogen to AmmoniaSuryanto, Bryan H. R.; Wang, Dabin; Azofra Mesa, Luis Miguel ; Harb, Moussab; Cavallo, Luigi; Jalili, Rouhollah; Mitchell, David R. G.; Chatti, Manjunath; MacFarlane, Douglas R.ArtículoMos2Polymorphic.pdf.jpg
172018DFT Modelling Tools in CO2 Conversion: Reaction Mechanism Screening and AnalysisAzofra Mesa, Luis Miguel ; Sun, ChenghuaCapítulo de libro
182018Energy-Efficient Nitrogen Reduction to Ammonia at Low Overpotential in Aqueous Electrolyte under Ambient ConditionsWang, Dabin; Azofra Mesa, Luis Miguel ; Harb, Moussab; Cavallo, Luigi; Zhang, Xinyi; Suryanto, Bryan H. R.; MacFarlane, Douglas R.Artículo10.1002cssc.201801632.pdf.jpg
192018Rational Electrode–Electrolyte Design for Efficient Ammonia Electrosynthesis under Ambient ConditionsSuryanto, Bryan H. R.; Kang, Colin S. M.; Wang, Dabin; Xiao, Changlong; Zhou, Fengling; Azofra Mesa, Luis Miguel ; Cavallo, Luigi; Zhang, Xinyi; MacFarlane, Douglas R.Artículorationalelectrodeelectrolyte.pdf.jpg
202018Highly Chemo- and Stereoselective Transfer Semihydrogenation of Alkynes Catalyzed by a Stable, Well-Defined Manganese(II) ComplexBrzozowska, Aleksandra; Azofra Mesa, Luis Miguel ; Zubar, Viktoriia; Atodiresei, Iuliana; Cavallo, Luigi; Rueping, Magnus; El-Sepelgy, OsamaArtículoacscatal.8b00983.pdf.jpg