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12021Pathological and Immunohistochemical Studies of Experimental Mycoplasma pneumoniae in Gerbils (Meriones unguiculatus)Rodríguez Guisado, Francisco ; Ramírez Corbera, Ana Sofía ; Castro Alonso, Pedro Luis ; Poveda Guerrero, José Bismarck Artículo1-s2.0-S0021997521000177-main.pdf.jpg
22021Cutaneous Spindle Cell Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Cats: Clinical, Histological, and Immunohistochemical StudyRodríguez Guisado, Francisco ; Suárez Bonnet, Alejandro ; Ramírez, Gustavo A.Artículo
32020Increased susceptibility to Haemonchus contortus infection by interleukin-5 modulation of eosinophil responses in sheepHernández, Julia N. ; Meeusen, Els; Rodríguez, Francisco ; Piedrafita, David ; González, Jorge F. Artículo
42020Study of Correlations between Clinical Signs and Morphological Features Identified in Dogs Affected with Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseFarray, David; Rodríguez Guisado, Francisco ; Muñoz Aznar, Yaiza; Ravelo García, Antonio Gabriel ; Jáber Mohamad, José Raduán ArtículoStudy_of_Correlations_Between_Clinical_Signs_and_M.pdf.jpg
52020Investigation of correlations between clinical signs and pathological findings in cats and dogs with inflammatory bowel diseaseFarray Santana, David Alfredo ; Rodríguez Guisado, Francisco ; Ravelo García, Antonio Gabriel ; Suárez Bonnet, Alejandro ; Francisco-Arteaga, Carla, et alArtículoinvestigation_correlations_between.pdf.jpg
62018Study of Merkel cells in the dog through the immunohistochemical expression of five different commercial antibodies: comparative analysisRamírez, Gustavo A.; Rodríguez, F. ; Suárez Bonnet, Alejandro ; Herráez Thomas, Pedro Manuel ; Castro Alonso, Ayoze , et alArtículoStudy_Merkel_cells.pdf.jpg
72018Immune response in goats vaccinated with thiol-binding proteins from Haemonchus contortusMolina Caballero, José Manuel ; Hernández Ortega,Yeray ; Martín Martel, Sergio ; Ferrer Quintana, Otilia Rosa ; Rodríguez Guisado, Francisco , et alArtículo
82018Age-related immune response to experimental infection with Eimeria ninakohlyakimovae in goat kidsMatos, L.; Muñoz, M. C. ; Molina Caballero, J. M. ; Rodríguez, F. ; Perez, D., et alArtículo
92018Immunohistochemical staining patterns of alpha-keratins in normal tissues from two reptile species: implications for characterization of squamous cell carcinomasOrós, Jorge ; López Yánez, María; Rodríguez, Francisco ; Calabuig, Pascual; Castro, Pedro L. ArtículoImmunohistochemical_staining_patterns.pdf.jpg
102017Protective immune responses during prepatency in goat kids experimentally infected with Eimeria ninakohlyakimovaeMatos, L.; Muñoz, M. C. ; Molina Caballero, José Manuel ; Rodríguez, F. ; Pérez Barreto, Davinia, et alArtículo
112017Modulation of Haemonchus contortus infection by depletion of gamma delta(+) T cells in parasite resistant Canaria hair breed sheepHernández Vega, Julia Natividad ; Meeusen, Els; Stear, Michael ; Rodríguez-Esparragon, Francisco ; Piedrafita, David , et alArtículo
122017Humoral immune responses of experimentally Eimeria ninakholyakimovae-infected goat kidsMatos, L.; Muñoz Ojeda, María del Carmen ; Molina Caballero, José Manuel ; Ferrer, Otilia ; Rodríguez, Francisco , et alArtículo
132016Collision tumour of squamous cell carcinoma and malignant melanoma in the oral cavity of a dogRodríguez, F. ; Castro, Pedro L. ; Ramírez, G. A.Artículo
142016Pulmonary emboli of bone marrow associated with femoral fracture in a calfRodríguez Guisado, Francisco ArtículoPulmonary emboli of bone marrow associated with femoral fracture in a calf.pdf.jpg
152016Anatomical mapping and density of merkel cells in skin and mucosae of the dogRamírez, Gustavo A.; Rodríguez, Francisco ; Quesada, Óscar ; Herráez, Pedro ; Fernandez, Antonio , et alArtículo
162016La citología como herramienta diagnóstica: Comparativa en cinco casos clínicos confirmados mediante histopatologíaMesa, Haridian; Rodríguez Guisado, Francisco ; Melián Limiñana, Carlos ; Méndez, Juan Miguel; Ruiz Reyes, Antonio , et alArtículo
172016Relationship between expression of interleukin-5 and interleukin-13 by epithelial cells and bronchiolar changes in pigs infected with Mycoplasma hyopneumoniaeRodríguez, F. ; Batista, M. ; Hernández, J. N. ; Afonso, A.M.; Poveda, J. B. Artículo
182015Immunohistochemical labelling of cyclooxygenase-2 in lung lesions of calves infected with Mycoplasma bovisRodríguez Guisado, Francisco ; Ball, H. J.; Suarez Bonnet, Alejandro ; Ramírez Corbera, Ana Sofía ; Fernández Rodríguez, Antonio Jesús Artículo
192015Immunohistochemical labelling of cytokines in calves infected experimentally with Mycoplasma bovisRodríguez Guisado, Francisco ; Castro Alonso, Pedro Luis ; Poveda Guerrero, José Bismarck ; Afonso, A.M.; Fernández Rodríguez, Antonio Jesús Artículo
202015Expression of cell cycle regulators, 14-3-3σ and p53 proteins, and vimentin in canine transitional cell carcinoma of the urinary bladderSuarez Bonnet, Alejandro ; Herráez Thomas, Pedro Manuel ; Aguirre Sanceledonio, María ; Suárez-Bonnet, Elena; Andrada Borzollino, Marisa Ana , et alArtículo