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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019Early-faunal colonization patterns of discrete habitat units: A case study with rhodolith-associated vagile macrofaunaOtero-Ferrer, F. ; Mannarà, E.; Cosme, M.; Falace, A.; Montiel-Nelson, J. A. ; Espino, F.; Haroun, R. ; Tuya, F. 
22019Antenna design for magnetic energy transmission to low frequency RFID tags in small aquaculture tanksAbril, Judith Santana; Sosa, Graciela Santana; Montiel-Nelson, Juan A. 
32019Power division in multi-receiver wireless power transfer systemsSantana Sosa, Graciela; Santana Abril, Judith; Montiel-Nelson, Juan Antonio 
42019Effective parameters for ferrite-core RFID tag antennasSantana-Abril, J.; Elejalde, Y.; Monzón-Verona, J. M. ; Sosa, J.; Montiel-Nelson, Juan A. 
52019Ultra-low power sensor devices for monitoring physical activity and respiratory frequency in farmed fishMartos-Sitcha, Juan Antonio; Sosa, Javier; Ramos-Valido, Dailos ; Bravo, Francisco Javier; Carmona-Duarte, Cristina; Gomes, Henrique Leonel; Calduch-Giner, Josep Àlvar; Cabruja, Enric; Vega, Aurelio; Ferrer, Miguel Ángel ; Lozano, Manuel; Montiel-Nelson, Juan Antonio ; Afonso, Juan Manuel ; Pérez-Sánchez, Jaume
62019A CMOS Low Frequency Analog RFID Front-End for the IoTZuriarrain, X.; Beriain, A.; Bistue, G.; Del Rio, D.; Berenguer, R.; Solar, H.; Sosa, J.; Montiel-Nelson, J. A. 
72019High Performance CMOS Level up Conversion for Systems with Low-Voltage Power SupplyGarcía, José Carlos ; Montiel-Nelson, Juan A. ; Nooshabadi, S.; IEEE
82019Versatile CMOS current conveyor for digital VLSI systems with low-voltage power supplyGarcía, José C.; Montiel-Nelson, Juan A. ; Nooshabadi, Saeid
92018High performance CMOS level up shifter with full-scale 1.2 V output voltageMontiel-Nelson, Juan A. ; Nooshabadi, S. ; García, José Carlos 
102018Low swing charge recycling driver for on-chip interconnectGarcía, José C. ; Montiel-Nelson, Juan A. ; Nooshabadi, Saeid
1120171.2 V Single Supply CMOS Level-Up Shifter for Low Energy SystemsGarcía Montesdeoca, José Carlos ; Montiel-Nelson, Juan A. ; Nooshabadi, Saeid
122017A 1.2-V 730-nW 10-Hz-3.5-kHz programmable biopotential front-endPulido, R.; Santana-Abril, J.; Sosa, J.; Montiel-Nelson, Juan A. 
132017High performance single supply CMOS 0.45–1 V input to 1.1 V output level up shifterNooshabadi, S.; García Montesdeoca, José Carlos ; Montiel Nelson, Juan Antonio 
142017Single supply CMOS up level shifter for dual voltage systemGarcía, José Carlos ; Montiel-Nelson, Juan A. ; Nooshabadi, Saeid
152015Design and Optimization of a Low Power Pressure Sensor for Wireless Biomedical ApplicationsSosa, J.; Montiel-Nelson, Juan A. ; Pulido, R.; Garcia-Montesdeoca, Jose C.
162015High performance single supply CMOS level up/down shifter for multiple voltagesGarcia, Jose C.; Montiel-Nelson, Juan A. ; Sosa, J.
172015High performance single supply CMOS inverter level up shifter for multi-supply voltages domainsGarcia, Jose C.; Montiel-Nelson, Juan A. ; Sosa, J.; Nooshabadi, Saeid
182015Generation of new detection codes for GPS satellites using NSGA-IISosa, J.; Bautista, Tomás ; Alcaraz, Daniel; García-Alonso, S.; Montiel-Nelson, Juan A. 
192015Optimization of the dimensionless model of an electrostatic microswitch based on AMGA algorithmSantana-Cabrera, Jorge; Monzón-Verona, José Miguel ; Santana-Martín, Francisco Jorge; García-Alonso, Santiago; Montiel-Nelson, Juan Antonio 
202014Gains tuning of a PI-Fuzzy controller by genetic algorithmsBetancor-Martin, Carlos S. ; Sosa, J.; Montiel-Nelson, Juan A. ; Vega-Martinez, Aurelio