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12012Efficient synaptic vesicle recycling after intense exocytosis concomitant with the accumulation of non-releasable endosomes at early developmental stagesBartolomé-Martín, David; Ramírez-Franco, Jorge; Castro López-Tarruella, Enrique ; Sánchez-Prieto, José; Torres, MagdalenaEfficient synaptic vesicle.pdf.jpg
22007Selective stimulation of catecholamine release from bovine adrenal chromaffin cells by an ionotropic purinergic receptor sensitive to 2-methylthio ATPTomé, Ângelo R.; Castro López-Tarruella, Enrique ; Santos, Rosa M.; Rosário, Luís M.
32007Functional distribution of Ca<sup>2+</sup>-coupled P2 purinergic receptors among adrenergic and noradrenergic bovine adrenal chromaffin cellsTomé, Ângelo R.; Castro, Enrique ; Santos, Rosa M.; Rosário, Luís M.document(1).pdf.jpg
42005Cross-talk among epidermal growth factor, Ap<inf>5</inf>A, and nucleotide receptors causing enhanced ATP Ca<sup>2+</sup>signaling involves extracellular kinase activation in cerebellar astrocytesDelicado, Esmerilda G.; Jimȩnez, Ana I.; Carrasquero, Luz María G.; Castro López-Tarruella, Enrique ; Miras-Portugal, Ma Teresa
52003Co-expression of metabotropic glutamate receptor 7 and N-type Ca2+ channels in single cerebrocortical nerve terminals of adult ratsMillán, Carmelo; Castro López-Tarruella, Enrique ; Torres, Magdalena; Shigemoto, Ryuichi; Sánchez-Prieto, José
62003Distribution of γ-aminobutyric acid receptors in cultured adrenergic and noradrenergic bovine chromaffin cellsCastro López-Tarruella, Enrique ; González, Maria Pilar; Oset-Gasque, María Jesús
72002Co-localisation of functional nicotinic and ionotropic nucleotide receptors in isolated cholinergic synaptic terminalsDíaz-Hernández, Miguel; Pintor, Jesús; Castro López-Tarruella, Enrique ; Miras-Portugal, M. Teresa
82002Specific diadenosine pentaphosphate receptor coupled to extracellular regulated kinases in cerebellar astrocytesJiménez, Ana I.; Castro López-Tarruella, Enrique ; Delicado, Esmerilda G.; Miras-Portuga, M. Teresa
92001Cerebellar astrocytes coexpress different purinoceptors: Cross-talk between several transduction mechanismsDelicado, Esmerilda G.; Jiménez, Ana I.; Castro López-Tarruella, Enrique ; Miras-Portugal, Ma Teresa
102001Adenosine triphosphate and diadenosine pentaphosphate induce [Ca2+]i increase in rat basal ganglia aminergic terminalsGiraldez, Lisandro; Díaz-Hernández, Miguel; Gómez-Villafuertes, Rosa; Pintor, Jesus; Castro López-Tarruella, Enrique ; Miras-Portugal, M. Teresa
112001Presynaptic diadenosine polyphosphate receptors: Interaction with other neurotransmitter systemsTeresa Miras-Portugal, M.; Pintor, Jesús; Gualix, Javier; Giraldez, Lisandro; Castro López-Tarruella, Enrique ; Díaz-Hernández, Miguel; Gómez-Villafuertes, Rosa
122001Independent receptors for diadenosine pentaphosphate and ATP in rat midbrain single synaptic terminalsDíaz-Hernández, M.; Pintor, J.; Castro López-Tarruella, Enrique ; Miras-Portugal, M. T.
132001P2 receptors in cerebellar neurons: Molecular diversity of ionotropic ATP receptors in purkinje cellsGarcía-Lecea, Marta; Sen, Raquel P.; Soto, Florentina; Miras-Portugal, Ma Teresa; Castro López-Tarruella, Enrique 
142000Receptores nicotínicos neurales: interacción con receptores purinérgicosDiaz-Hernandez, M.; Gualix, J.; Gomez-Villafuertes, R.; Castro López-Tarruella, Enrique ; Pintor, J. Y M; Miras-Portugal, T.
152000Presynaptic signalling mediated by mono- and dinucleotides in the central nervous systemMiras-Portugal, M. Teresa; Díaz-Hernández, Miguel; Gomez-Villafuerte, Rosa; Gualix, Javier; Castro López-Tarruella, Enrique ; Pintor, Jesús
162000Coexpression of several types of metabotropic nucleotide receptors in single cerebellar astrocytesJimenez, A. I.; Castro López-Tarruella, Enrique ; Communi, D.; Boeynaems, J. M.; Delicado, E. G.; Miras-Portugal, M. T.
171999P2X<inf>2</inf>characteristics of the ATP receptor coupled to [Ca<sup>2+</sup>](i) increases in cultured Purkinje neurons from neonatal rat cerebellumGarcía-Lecea, Marta; Delicado, Esmerilda G.; Miras-Portugal, Materesa; Castro López-Tarruella, Enrique 
181999ATP receptor-mediated component of the excitatory synaptic transmission in the hippocampusPankratov, Y.; Lalo, U.; Castro López-Tarruella, Enrique ; Miras-Portugal, M. T.; Krishtal, O.
191999Potentiation of ATP calcium responses by A(2B) receptor stimulation and other signals coupled to G(S) proteins in type-1 cerebellar astrocytesJiménez, Ana I.; Castro López-Tarruella, Enrique ; Mirabet, Maribel; Franco, Rafael; Delicado, Esmerilda G.; Miras-Portugal, Maria Teresa
201999Diadenosine polyphosphates, extracellular function and catabolismMiras-Portugal, M. T.; Gualix, J.; Mateo, J.; Diaz-Hernandez, M.; Gomez-Villafuertes, R.; Castro López-Tarruella, Enrique ; Pintor, J.