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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020Multiplatform earth observation systems for monitoring water quality in vulnerable inland ecosystems: Maspalomas water lagoonEugenio, Francisco; Marcello, Javier ; Martín, Javier
22019Temporal dynamic analysis of a mountain ecosystem based on multi-source and multi-scale remote sensing dataIbarrola-Ulzurrun, Edurne ; Marcello, Javier ; Gonzalo Martin,Consuelo ; Martin Esquivel, Jose LuisTemporaldynamicanalysis.pdf.jpg
32019Hyperspectral Classification Through Unmixing Abundance Maps Addressing Spectral VariabilityIbarrola-Ulzurrun, Edurne ; Drumetz, Lucas; Marcello, Javier ; Gonzalo Martin,Consuelo ; Chanussot, Jocelyn
42019Chlorophyll-A estimation from remote sensing data of sea surface temperature and aerosol optical thickness through a shallow neural networkRodríguez Esparragón, Dionisio ; Marrero Betancort, Nerea; Marcello, Javier ; Hernandez-Leon, Santiago 
52019Análisis comparativo de herramientas TIC para presentaciones participativasMarcello, Javier ; Cabrera, Francisco ; Rodríguez-Esparragón, Dionisio ; Eugenio, Francisco Analisis_comparativo_herramientas_TIC.pdf.jpg
62019Assessment of Hyperspectral Sharpening Methods for the Monitoring of Natural Areas Using Multiplatform Remote Sensing ImageryMarcello, Javier ; Ibarrola-Ulzurrun, Edurne ; Gonzalo Martin,Consuelo ; Chanussot, Jocelyn; Vivone, Gemine
72019Comparative study of upsampling methods for super-resolution in remote sensingSalgueiro Romero, Luis; Marcello Ruiz, Francisco Javier ; Vilaplana, Verónica
82019An Approximation to the Relationship Between Climatic Variables Obtained Through Remote Satellite Sensors and Hospital Admissions: A Case Study on Gran Canaria IslandCaballero-Leiva, I.; Marrero Betancort, N.; Rodriguez Betancor, J.J.; Rodríguez Esparragón, Dionisio ; Marcello Ruiz, Francisco Javier approximation_relationship_between.pdf.jpg
92019Very High Resolution (VHR) Satellite Imagery. Processing and ApplicationsEugenio González, Francisco ; Marcello Ruiz, Francisco Javier Very_High_Resolution_VHR_Satellite_Imagery_Processing_and_Applications.pdf.jpg
102019Bathymetry Mapping using very High Resolution Satellite Multispectral Imagery in Shallow Coastal Waters of Protected EcosystemsMarques, F.; Eugenio, F. ; Alfaro, M.; Marcello, J. 
112019Multisensor fusion for the accurate classification of vegetation in complex ecosystemsMarcello Ruiz, Francisco Javier ; Rodríguez Esparragón, Dionisio ; Ibarrola Ulzurrun, Edurne ; Gonzalo Martin,Consuelo 
122018Vegetation species mapping in a coastal-dune ecosystem using high resolution satellite imageryMedina Machín, Anabella; Marcello, Javier ; Hernández-Cordero, Antonio I. ; Martín Abasolo, Javier ; Eugenio, Francisco 
132018Assessment of the spectral quality of fused images using the CIEDE2000 distanceRodríguez-Esparragón, Dionisio ; Marcello, Javier ; Gonzalo-Martín, Consuelo; García-Pedrero, Ángel; Eugenio, Francisco 
142018Evaluation of hyperspectral classification maps in heterogeneous ecosystemIbarrola-Ulzurrun, Edurne ; Marcello, Javier ; Gonzalo-Martin, Consuelo; Chanussot, Jocelyn
152018Comparison of land cover maps using high resolution multispectral and hyperspectral imageryMarcello, J. ; Rodríguez-Esparragón, D. ; Moreno, D. 
162018Benthic mapping using high resolution multispectral and hyperspectral imageryMarcello, J. ; Eugenio, F. ; Marques, F.
172018Extended linear mixing model in an ecosytem with high spectral variabilityIbarrola-Ulzurrun, Edurne ; Drumetz, Lucas; Chanussot, Jocelyn; Gonzalo-Martín, Consuelo; Marcello, Javier 
182018Seabed mapping in coastal shallow waters using high resolution multispectral and hyperspectral imageryMarcello, Javier ; Eugenio, Francisco ; Martin, Javier ; Marqués, FerranSeabed-mapping_coastal_shallow_waters.pdf.jpg
192018High-Resolution Worldview-2 dune systems sparse vegetation monitoring, by modeling leaf optical properties and directional reflectance of the vegetationMedina Machin, Anabella; Martín Abasolo, Javier ; Marcello Ruiz, Francisco Javier ; Eugenio González, Francisco 
202018High Resolution Bathymetry of Littoral Zones Based on Very High-Resolution Worldview-2 ImagesMartín Abasolo, Javier ; Medina Machín, Anabella; Eugenio González, Francisco ; Marcello Ruiz, Francisco Javier