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12007Exercise economy does not change after acclimatization to moderate to very high altitudeLundby, C.; Calbet, J. A. L. ; Sander, M.; Van Hall, G.; Mazzeo, R. S., et alArtículo
22010The upper extremity of the professional tennis player: muscle volumes, fiber-type distribution and muscle strengthSanchis-Moysi, J. ; Idoate, F.; Olmedillas, H.; Guadalupe-Grau, A.; Alayón, S., et alArtículo
32015Erythropoietin does not reduce plasma lactate, H+, and K+ during intense exerciseNordsborg, N. B.; Robach, P.; Boushel, R.; Calbet, J. A. L. ; Lundby, C.Artículo
42015Maintained peak leg and pulmonary VO2 despite substantial reduction in muscle mitochondrial capacityBoushel, R.; Gnaiger, E.; Larsen, F. J.; Helge, J. W.; Gonzalez-Alonso, J., et alArtículo
52015Good news for skiers with total knee arthroplastyCalbet, J. A. L. Comentario
62015Central and peripheral hemodynamics in exercising humans: Leg vs arm exerciseCalbet, J. A. L. ; González-Alonso, J.; Helge, J. W.; Søndergaard, H.; Munch-Andersen, T., et alArtículo
72015A time-efficient reduction of fat mass in 4 days with exercise and caloric restrictionCalbet, J. A. L. ; Ponce-González, J. G.; Pérez-Suárez, I.; de la Calle Herrero, J.; Holmberg, H. C.Artículo
82015Mitochondrial coupling and capacity of oxidative phosphorylation in skeletal muscle of Inuit and Caucasians in the arctic winterGnaiger, E.; Boushel, R.; Søndergaard, H.; Munch-Andersen, T.; Damsgaard, R., et alArtículo
92016Constant infusion transpulmonary thermodilution for the assessment of cardiac output in exercising humansCalbet, J. A. L. ; Mortensen, S.P.; Munch, G.D.W.; Curtelin, D.; Boushel, R.ArtículoConstant_infusion_transpulmonary.pdf.jpg
102016Androgen receptor gene polymorphism influence fat accumulation: a longitudinal study from adolescence to adult agePonce-González, Jesús Gustavo; Rodríguez-Garcia, Lorena; Losa-Reyna, J.; Guadalupe Grau, Amelia; Rodríguez-González, F. G., et alArtículo
112016A new equation to estimate temperature-corrected PaCO2 from PETCO2 during exercise in normoxia and hypoxiaGonzález Henríquez, J. J. ; Losa-Reyna, J.; Torres-Peralta, R. ; Radegran, G.; Koskolou, M., et alArtículo
122016Is the use of hyperoxia in sports effective, safe and ethical?Sperlich, B.; Calbet, J. A. L. ; Boushel, Robert; Holmberg, H.-C.Comentariohyperoxia_sports_effective.pdf.jpg
132017Effects of velocity loss during resistance training on athletic performance, strength gains and muscle adaptationsPareja-Blanco, F.; RodrÍguez-Rosell, D.; Sánchez-Medina, L.; Sanchis-Moysi, J. ; Dorado, C. , et alArtículo
142018Exercise-mediated modulation of autophagy in skeletal muscleMartín-Rincon, M.  ; Morales-Alamo, D. ; Calbet, J. A.L. Reseña
152018Skeletal muscle IL-15/IL-15Rα and myofibrillar protein synthesis after resistance exercisePerez-Lopez, A.; McKendry, J.; Martin-Rincon, M. ; Breen, L.; Morales Álamo, David , et alArtículo
162018The "Football is Medicine" platform-scientific evidence, large-scale implementation of evidence-based concepts and future perspectivesKrustrup, P.; Williams, C. A.; Mohr, M.; Hansen, P. R.; Helge, E. W., et alComentarioFootball_is_Medicine.pdf.jpg
172018Sustained sympathetic activity in altitude acclimatizing lowlanders and high-altitude nativesLundby, C.; Calbert, J. A L ; van Hall, G.; Saltin, B.; Sander, M.Artículo
182019Impact of data averaging strategies on VO2max assessment: mathematical modeling and reliabilityMartin-Rincon, Marcos ; González-Henríquez, Juan José ; Losa Reyna,Jose ; Perez Suárez,Ismael ; Ponce González,Jesús Gustavo , et alArtículo
192019The biological and psychosocial aspects of successful aging in high functional elders: A longitudinal studyCalbet, Jose A. L. Comentario
202020Sarcolipin expression in human skeletal muscle: influence of energy balance and exerciseMorales Álamo, David ; Martinez‐Canton, Miriam; Gelabert Rebato, Miriam ; Martin Rincon, Marcos ; De Pablos Velasco, Pedro Luis , et alArtículosarcolipin_expression_human.pdf.jpg