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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12003Face recognition using independent component analysis and support vector machinesDéniz Suárez,Oscar ; Castrillon, M. ; Hernández, M. 
22014Speckle reduction with adaptive stack filtersBuemi, Maria Elena; Frery, Alejandro C. ; Ramos, Heitor S.
32014Line detection in images showing significant lens distortion and application to distortion correctionAlemán-Flores, Miguel ; Alvarez, Luis ; Gomez, Luis ; Santana-Cedrés, Daniel 
42014Fused intra-bimodal face verification approach based on Scale-Invariant Feature Transform and a vocabulary treeTravieso, Carlos M. ; Del Pozo-Banos, Marcos; Alonso, Jesus B. 
52014Guest editorial - Special issue on robust recognition methods for multimodal interactionGomez, Luis ; Wachs, J. P.; Jacobo-Berlles, Julio
62014Special Issue on Robust Recognition Methods for Multimodal InteractionGomez, Luis ; Wachs, J. P.; Jacobo-Berlles, Julio
72015Synthesis of large scale hand-shape databases for biometric applicationsMorales, Aythami; Ferrer, Miguel A. ; Cappelli, Raffaele; Maltoni, Davide; Fierrez, Julian; Ortega-Garcia, Javier
82015Computing inverse optical flowSánchez, Javier ; Salgado de la Nuez, Agustín Javier ; Monzón, Nelson 
92016A framework for liveness detection for direct attacks in the visible spectrum for multimodal ocular biometricsDas, A.; Pal, U.; Ferrer, Miguel Angel ; Blumenstein, M.
102016On using periocular biometric for gender classification in the wildCastrillón Santana, Modesto Fernando ; Lorenzo Navarro, José Javier ; De Ramón Balmaseda, Enrique José 
112017Periocular and iris local descriptors for identity verification in mobile applicationsAginako, Naiara; Castrillón-Santana, Modesto ; Lorenzo-Navarro, Javier ; Martínez-Otzeta, José María; Sierra, Basilio
122018Evaluation of local descriptors and CNNs for non-adult detection in visual contentCastrillón-Santana, Modesto ; Lorenzo-Navarro, Javier ; Travieso-González, Carlos M. ; Freire-Obregón, David ; Alonso-Hernández, Jesús B. 
132018SM-DTW: Stability Modulated Dynamic Time Warping for signature verificationParziale, Antonio; Diaz, Moises ; Ferrer, Miguel A. ; Marcelli, Angelo
142019Deep learning for source camera identification on mobile devicesFreire-Obregón, David ; Narducci, Fabio; Barra, Silvio; Castrillón-Santana, Modesto 
152019Dynamically enhanced static handwriting representation for Parkinson's disease detectionDiaz, Moises ; Ferrer, Miguel Angel ; Impedovo, Donato; Pirlo, Giuseppe; Vessio, Gennaro