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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12009Capacitance estimation of PN varactors based on unit cellsMarrero-Martín, M. ; González, B. ; García, J. ; Hernández, A. Actas de congresos
22009Equivalent circuit model for capacitances in PN varactors with buried channelMarrero-Martín, M. ; García, J. ; González, B. ; Hernández, A. Actas de congresos
32010Capacitive model for integrated PN varactors of cells with N+ buried layerMarrero-Martín, M. ; García, J. ; González, B. ; Hernández, A.Actas de congresos
42013Study of RFIDs with SOI technology for UWBRodriguez, Raul ; Gonzalez, B. ; Garcia, J. ; Marrero Martín, Margarita Luisa ; Hernandez, A. Actas de congresos
52015DC SHEs on GaN HEMTs varying substrate materialRodriguez, Raul ; Gonzalez, Benito ; Garcia, Javier ; Nunez, Antonio ; Yigletu, Fetene Mulugeta, et alActas de congresosAS5255606244884481502314825534_content_1.pdf.jpg
62017DC characteristics with substrate temperature for GaN on Si MOS-HEMTsRodriguez, R. ; Gonzalez, B. ; Garcia, J. ; Vega Martínez, Aurelio ; Nunez, A. Actas de congresos
72018Numerical Simulation for DC Schottky Gate Leakage Current in AlGaN/GaN HEMTsRodríguez, R. ; González, B. ; García, J. ; Núñez, A. ; Toulon, G., et alActas de congresos08596883.pdf.jpg