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Title: Time course of anterior pituitary estrogen receptor after low 17β-estradiol doses in ovariectomized rats
Authors: Gómez-Benítez, J.
Díaz Chico, Bonifacio 
UNESCO Clasification: 310910 Cirugía
Keywords: Comparative Study
Issue Date: 1985
Journal: Journal of Steroid Biochemistry 
Abstract: The present paper describes the effect of three 17-β-estradiol (E2) doses (1, 10 and 500 ng E2/kg) on the cytosolic and nuclear estrogen receptor content of anterior pituitary (Ap) of ovariectomized rats. The estrogen receptors were measured by [3h]E2 exchange in cytosol and crude nuclear fractions. Two hours after the administration of 10 or 500 ng E2/kg the Rc showed a depletion to 20-30% of preinjection level. The 1 ng E2/kg dose did not provoke any Rc depletion. The Rc replenishment was completed 5 h after injection of 10 ng E2/kg, but it was delayed to 10 h after injection of 500 ng E2/kg. An increased amount of Rc over the control levels was produced by 1 and 10 ng E2/kg doses, but not by the 500 ng E2/kg. The Rn level in Ap increased significantly after all E2 doses, and their highest levels were similar for 1, 10 and 500 ng E2/kg. These results suggest that some estrogenic responses like synthesis of the estrogen receptor proteins, can be elicited without previous significant Rc depletion. The relationships between Rc and Rn in Ap suggest an autorregulatory mechanism for the control of the cellular level of unbound estrogen receptors, that can be altered by the exogenous E2.
ISSN: 0022-4731
DOI: 10.1016/0022-4731(85)90263-8
Source: Journal of Steroid Biochemistry [ISSN 0022-4731], v. 23 (1), p. 77-80 (Enero 1985)
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