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Title: Vitamin D receptor genetic polymorphysm and osteoporosis
Authors: Henríquez, Manuel Sosa 
Ramírez, Armando Torres
Cabrera, Casimira Domínguez
Salido, Eduardo
Santana, Pedro Saavedra
Barrios, Ysamar
Cañal, José María Limiñana
León, Pedro Betancor
Keywords: Bone-Mineral Density
Postmenopausal Women
Premenopausal Women
Mass, et al
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: 0025-7753
Journal: Medicina Clínica 
Abstract: BACKGROUND: Genetic factors conditionate an important part of bone mass, The role of vitamin D receptor polymorphism (VDR) as genetic marker of osteoporosis is a matter of discussion. We have studied the possible influence of VDR on bone remodelling, calciotropic hormones, on the presence of osteoporosis and osteoporotic bone fractures.PATIENTS, CONTROL POPULATION AND METHODS: A case-control study. We have studied a total of 127 postmenopausal canarian women from Canary Islands, Spain; 66 healthy controls and 61 with the diagnosis of osteoporosis, which was made by clinical, radiological and densitometric criteria. 17 osteoporotic women have had a fracture: Colles, hip or vertebral (spinal deformity index) fracture. VDR were determined by PCR directed to demonstrate the presence (b) or ausence (B) of a restriction target for Bsml in intron 7. We analized some biochemical markers of bone remodelling: serum levels of alkaline phosphatase, tartrate resistant acid phosphatase and urine ratios of calcium/creatinin and hydroxyproline/creatinin. We also determined calciotropic hormones: parathyroid hormone and calcitonin. Bone mass was measured by DEXA and TC.RESULTS: There were no significant differences in either biochemical bone remodelling markers or in bone mass between the three genotypes: bb, Bb and BE, either in controls or in osteoporotic women with the exception of alkaline phosphatase which had a significative increase compared to control in women with unfavorable alleles distribution (bB and BE). Distribution of genotypes was similar between controls and osteoporotic women, with or without fractures.CONCLUSIONS: In canarian women, VDR genotype is not associated with changes in biochemical markers of bone remodelling or in bone mass or with the presence of osteoporosis or osteoporotic fractures.
ISSN: 0025-7753
Source: Medicina Clinica[ISSN 0025-7753],v. 110, p. 646-650
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