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Title: SET analysis and radiation hardening techniques for CMOS LNA topologies
Authors: Mateos-Angulo, S.
San-Miguel-Montesdeoca, M.
Mayor-Duarte, D.
Khemchandani, S. L. 
Pino, J. Del 
Keywords: 330790 Microelectrónica
metadata.dc.subject.other: SET
Low noise amplifier ( LNA )
Radiation hardened by design
Heavy ion
Recovery time
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: 0268-1242
Journal: Semiconductor Science and Technology 
Abstract: This paper analyses the effects of single-event transients (SETs) on CMOS low noise amplifiers (LNA) designed for a 0.18 mm technology. Two well-known topologies, the common-source and common-gate cascodes, have been analysed when heavy ions strike the most sensitive nodes of these structures. In order to simulate these strikes both a physics-based technology computer aided design (TCAD) tool and an electrical circuit domain simulator have been used. This way the physics information given by the TCAD tool is combined with the fast transient simulations performed in circuit simulators. To study their SET performance, the maximum voltage peak and the recovery time of the output signal were calculated for both LNAs. Additionally, a safe operating area can be defined, setting the boundaries for acceptable SETs. Radiation hardening by design techniques have been applied at the most vulnerable nodes of both LNAs. The proposed mitigation approaches make both LNAs hardened against radiation, considerably improving their SET performance.
ISSN: 0268-1242
DOI: 10.1088/1361-6641/aacff2
Source: Semiconductor Science and Technology[ISSN 0268-1242],v. 33 (085010)
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