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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020Lesions Observed Post Mortem in Post-hatchling Loggerhead Sea Turtles (Caretta caretta) from a Head Start ProgrammeOrós, J. ; Suárez-Saavedra, A.; Liria-Loza, A.; Arencibia, A. 
22019Kahoot ¿uso individual o por equipos?Melian, C. ; Suárez-Bonnet, A. ; Ramírez, A. S. ; Rosales, Rubén ; Arencibia, A. ; Suarez, F.; Espinosa García San Román, Jaime ; Jaber, José R. 
32019Mortality associated with ingestion of sea urchins in loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta): A case seriesInurria, Alicia; Arencibia Espinosa, Alberto ; Calabuig Miranda,Pascual ; Gómez, May ; Déniz Suárez, María Soraya ; Orós, Jorge 
42019Anatomical assessment of intrathoracic cardiovascular structures using fast spin-echo double inversion recovery and steady-state free precession magnetic resonance imaging in a normal catArencibia, A. ; Corbera, J. A. ; Gil, F.; Ramírez, G.; Jaber, J. R. ; Morales, M. ; Vázquez, J. M.
52019Anatomic study of the elbow joint in a Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) using magnetic resonance imaging and gross dissectionsEncinoso, Mario; Orós, Jorge ; Ramírez, Gregorio; Jaber, José Raduan ; Artiles, Alejandro; Arencibia, Alberto 
62019Computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging study of a normal tarsal joint in a Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris)Arencibia, Alberto ; Matos, Jorge; Encinoso, Mario; Gil, Francisco; Artiles, Alejandro; Martínez-Gomariz, Francisco; Vázquez, José Maria
72018Anatomic and magnetic resonance imaging features of the salivary glands in the dogGil, Francisco; Arencibia, Alberto ; García, Verónica; Ramírez, Gregorio; Vázquez, José María
820183-D computed tomography reconstruction: Another tool to teach anatomy in the veterinary collegesJaber, J. R. ; Carrascosa, C. ; Arencibia, A. ; Corbera, J. A. ; Ramirez, A. S. ; Melian, C. 
92017A case of congenital supernumerary teeth in an ovine dental padCorbera, Juan Alberto ; Morales, Immaculada ; Martin, Sergio ; Arencibia, Alberto ; Gutierrez, Carlos A_case_of_congenital.pdf.jpg
102017The study of microanatomy of intestinal epithelium in the Chinese soft-shelled turtle (Pelodiscus sinensis)Bao, H. J.; Chen, Q. S.; Su, Z. H.; Qin, J. H.; Xu, C. S.; Arencibia Espinosa, Alberto ; Rodriguez-Ponce, Eligia ; Jaber, José Raduan The_study_of_microanatomy.pdf.jpg
112016Anatomic study of the normal Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) brain and associated structures using low field magnetic resonance imagingRaduán Jaber, J. ; Encinoso, Mario; Morales, Daniel; Artiles, Alejandro; Santana, Moisés; Blanco, Diego; Arencibia, Alberto 
122016Empleo de Kahoot como herramienta de gamificación en la docencia universitariaJaber, José Raduan ; Arencibia Espinosa, Alberto ; Carrascosa Iruzubieta, Conrado ; Ramírez, Ana S. ; Rodriguez-Ponce, Eligia ; Melián, Carlos ; Castro Alonso, Pedro Luis ; Farray, David0730076_00000_0032.pdf.jpg
132016El Lomo de Los Melones (Telde). Explotación prehispánica del ganado doméstico en un enclave costeroCastellano Alonso, Pablo ; Moreno García,Marta ; Alberto-Barroso, Verónica ; Rodríguez Rodríguez, Amelia ; Arencibia Espinosa, Alberto ; Blanco Sucino, Diego
142016Three-dimensional time of flight magnetic resonance angiography of the heart and associated vessels in a catArencibia, A. ; Corbera, J. A. ; Ramírez, G.; Contreras, S.; Morales, M. ; Jaber, J. R. ; Orós, J. ; Vázquez, J.M.
152016Causes of stranding and mortality, and final disposition of loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) admitted to a wildlife rehabilitation center in Gran Canaria Island, Spain (1998-2014): A long-term retrospective studyOrós, Jorge ; Montesdeoca, Natalia; Camacho, María ; Arencibia, Alberto ; Calabuig, Pascual
162015Three-dimensional CT reconstruction: other tool to teach in the veterinary collegesJaber, José Raduan ; Herraiz, Natalia; Farray, David; Arencibia Espinosa, Alberto 0719382_00000_0025.pdf.jpg
172015Sectional Anatomic and Computed Tomography Features of the Nasal and Oral Cavities of the One-humped Camel (Camelus Dromedarius)Blanco, D.; Rivero, M. A. ; Vázquez, J. M.; Arencibia, A. 
182015Magnetic resonance imaging study in a normal Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris) stifle jointArencibia, Alberto ; Encinoso, Mario; Jáber, José R. ; Morales, Daniel; Blanco, Diego; Artiles, Alejandro; Vázquez, José M.
192015Computed tomography of the brain and associated structures of the one-humped camel (Camelus dromedarius): An anatomic studyBlanco, Diego; Vázquez, José M.; Rivero, Miguel A. ; Corbera, Juan A. ; Arencibia, Alberto 
202015Low-field magnetic resonance anatomic features of the neonatal foal thorax: An ex vivo studyArencibia, Alberto ; Sandoval, José Ángel; Gil, Francisco; Jaber, José Raduán ; Blanco, Diego; Diz, Andrés; Vázquez, José María