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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018Determining the reliability and validity of online reputation databases for lodging:, TripAdvisor, and HolidayCheckDíaz, Manuel Rodríguez ; Espino Rodríguez, Tomás F. 
22018A methodology for a comparative analysis of the lodging offer of tourism destinations based on online customer reviewsRodríguez-Díaz, Manuel ; Espino-Rodríguez, Tomás F. 
32018Analysis of the online reputation based on customer ratings of lodgings in tourism destinationsRodríguez-Díaz, Manuel ; Rodríguez-Díaz, Rosa ; Espino-Rodríguez, Tomás F. 
42018The relationship between strategic orientation dimensions and hotel outsourcing and its impact on organizational performance. An application in a tourism destinationEspino-Rodríguez, Tomás F. ; Ramirez-Fierro, Juan Carlos
52018Outsourcing performance in hotels: Evaluating partnership qualityEspino-Rodríguez, Tomás F. ; Ramírez-Fierro, Juan Carlos
62018Managers' attitudes toward hotel outsourcing in a tourist destination. An approach from the benefits and risks perspectiveEspino Rodríguez, Tomás F. ; Ramírez-Fierro, Juan Carlos
72018Do relational norms matter in outsourcing relationships? Lesson learned from hotel sectorsChun-Lai, Pei; Espino-Rodríguez, Tomás F. ; Baum, Tom
82018Dimensions of behavior and proactive improvement in hotel outsourcing relationships: the role of justiceEspino-Rodríguez, Tomás F. ; Ramírez-Fierro, Juan Carlos
92018La intensidad de la externalización hotelera y sus beneficios y riesgos percibidosEspino-Rodríguez, Tomás F. ; Ramírez-Fierro, Juan Carlos
102017Does outsourcing moderate the effects of asset specificity on performance? An application in Taiwanese hotelsEspino-Rodríguez, Tomás F. ; Chun-Lai, Pei; Gil-Padilla, Antonía Ma 
112017Configuraciones en el sector hotelero basadas en las prioridades competitivas y su relación con el tamaño, categoría y el resultado organizativoFrancisco Espino-Rodriguez, Tomas ; Gil-Padilla, Antonia M.
122017Make or buy in the hotel marketing department: transaction costs, financial and relational performanceEspino Rodríguez, Tomás Francisco ; Rodríguez Díaz, Manuel 
132017Factors determining hotel activity outsourcing. An approach based on competitive advantageEspino-Rodríguez, Tomás F. ; Ramírez-Fierro, Juan Carlos
142017La estrategia de externalización de servicios en los hoteles. Una visión basada en la ventaja competitiva y el resultado operativoEspino Rodríguez, Tomás Francisco ; Ramírez Fierro, Juan Carlos
152016How hotels compete on the basis of competitive priorities and their relationship with infrastructural and structural decisionsEspino-Rodríguez, Tomás F. 
162016Determining the sustainability factors and performance of a tourism destination from the stakeholders' perspectiveDíaz, Manuel Rodríguez ; Espino-Rodríguez, Tomás F. 
172015A model of market positioning based on value creation and service quality in the lodging industry: An empirical application of online customer reviewsDiaz, Manuel Rodriguez ; Espino Rodriguez, Tomás F. ; Diaz, Rosa Rodriguez
182015The structural and infrastructural decisions of operations management in the hotel sector and their impact on organizational performanceEspino Rodríguez, Tomás Francisco ; Gil Padilla, Antonia María 
192014Determining the core activities in the order fulfillment process: An empirical applicationEspino-Rodríguez, Tomas F. ; Rodríguez-Díaz, Manuel 
202014Activity outsourcing and competitive strategy in the hotel industry. The moderator role of asset specificityEspino-Rodríguez, Tomás F. ; Lai, Pei Chun