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Title: Chalcogen Bonds in Complexes of SOXY (X, Y = F, Cl) with Nitrogen Bases
Authors: Azofra Mesa, Luis Miguel 
Alkorta, Ibon
Scheiner, Steve
UNESCO Clasification: 2307 Química física
Issue Date: 2015
Journal: Journal of Physical Chemistry A 
Abstract: SOF2, SOFCl, and SOCl2 were each paired with a series of N bases. The potential energy surface of the binary complexes were characterized by MP2 calculations with double and triple-ξ basis sets, extrapolated to complete sets. The most stable configurations contained a S···N chalcogen bond with interaction energies as high as 6.8 kcal/mol. These structures are stabilized by a Nlp → σ*(S–Z) electron transfer (Z = O, F, Cl), complemented by Coulombic attraction of N to the σ-hole opposite the Z atom. N···S–F and N···S–Cl chalcogen bonds are stronger than N···S═O interactions. Formation of each chalcogen bond elongates all of the internal covalent bonds within SOXY, especially the S–Cl bond. Halogen-bonded (N···Cl–S) complexes were also observed, but these are more weakly bound, by less than 3 kcal/mol.
ISSN: 1089-5639
DOI: 10.1021/jp511828h
Source: Journal of Physical Chemistry A [ISSN 1089-5639], v. 119, 3, p. 535–541
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