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Title: Upper Quaternary coastal palaeoenvironments and palaeosea levels in Las Canteras beach, Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain)
Authors: Menéndez González, Inmaculada 
Herrera-Holguín, Catalina
Mangas Viñuela, José 
UNESCO Clasification: 2506 Geología
251090 Geología marina
Keywords: Coastal palaeoenvironments
Palaeosea levels
Coastal progradation
Palaeosol, et al
Issue Date: 2020
Project: Análisis de Procesos Naturales y Humanos Asociados A Los Sistemas Playa-Duna de Canarias 
Diagnóstico Ambiental de Los Sistemas de Dunas de Canaris Para la Elaboración de Modelos Sostenibles 
Journal: Marine Geology 
Abstract: Las Canteras beach outcrops are vestiges of palaeoenvironments that represent changes in sea level and/or climate conditions. Using broad sedimentological, mineralogical, geochemical, and dating studies, three different palaeoenvironmental facies were distinguished. (1) The lower facies was defined as beachrock, formed by decametric calcarenite layers, dipping 8–5° seaward and composed mainly of sand grains and two generations of isopachous low magnesium calcite (LMC) cement in a context of lower Holocene interglacial stage (>6600 ± 30 cal. years BP) rising sea level and coastal progradation. (2) During the middle Holocene (about 6600 ± 30 cal. years BP), a coastal progradation phase and/or lower sea level might lead to land emersion and soil development, with an abundance of terrestrial gastropods. (3) The upper Holocene (<6600 ± 30 cal. years BP) aeoleanite facies represents coastal dunes formed by calcarenite levels were identified only in the central arc of the beach, dipping 20° landward and cemented by phreatic LMC and vadose aragonite. This aeolian deposit might represent the highest coast progradation or the end of a low stand in sea level, whereas its cementation likely represents the beginning of the sea level rise towards the present high stand.
ISSN: 0025-3227
DOI: 10.1016/j.margeo.2020.106322
Source: Marine geology [ISSN 0025-3227], v. 429, 106322 (Agosto 2020)
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