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Title: Reuse of reverse osmosis membranes in advanced wastewater treatment
Authors: Rodriguez, Juan J.
Jimenez, V
Trujillo, O.
Veza, J.M.
UNESCO Clasification: 330806 Regeneración del agua
Keywords: Reverse Osmosis
Wastewater, et al
Issue Date: 2002
Journal: Desalination (Amsterdam) 
Abstract: In areas where tap water has a high salt content, wastewater is not appropriate for reuse in agriculture, particularly for sensitive crops. One alternative is reduction, via desalination, of the brackish character to the secondary effluent. A filtration stage is also required before desalination. On the other hand, used reverse osmosis membranes can be recycled and used as filters in the advanced treatment stage in order to reduce suspended matter contained in the secondary effluent--one advantage being the environmental recovery of solid waste. Used membranes can be treated with strong chemical oxidants to peel off the active separation layer in order to transform them into microfiltration or ultrafiltration elements. Preliminary tests have been carried out with 8" elements, aimed at comparing membrane performance before and after the peeling process. An index denoted as peeling effectiveness (high flux, high salt passage) is used for comparison. It was soon observed that potassium permanganate was more effective than others, together with sodium hydroxide. Doses around 1000 mg/L KMnO4 provided the best results. It was also concluded that membrane cleaning, done with sodium bisulphite prior to peeling, was better when recirculating the cleaning solution around the membrane rather than soaking it. Next steps in the research will test the actual filtration capability of the peeled membranes in actual wastewater.
ISSN: 0011-9164
DOI: 10.1016/S0011-9164(02)00977-3
Source: Desalination [ISSN 0011-9164], v. 150 (3), p. 219-225
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