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Title: Isotemporal substitution of inactive time with physical activity and time in bed: Cross-sectional associations with cardiometabolic health in the PREDIMED-Plus study
Authors: Galmes-Panades, Aina M.
Varela-Mato, Veronica
Konieczna, Jadwiga
Wärnberg, Julia
Martínez-González, Miguel Ángel
Salas-Salvadó, Jordi
Corella, Dolores
Schröder, Helmut
Vioque, Jesús
Alonso-Gómez, Ángel M.
Martínez, J. Alfredo
Serra Majem, Luis 
Estruch, Ramon
Tinahones, Francisco J.
Lapetra, José
Pintó, Xavier
Tur, Josep A.
Garcia-Rios, Antonio
Riquelme-Gallego, Blanca
Gaforio, José Juan
Matía-Martín, Pilar
Daimiel, Lidia
Micó Pérez, Rafael Manuel
Vidal, Josep
Vázquez, Clotilde
Ros, Emilio
Garcia-Arellano, Ana
Díaz-López, Andrés
Asensio, Eva M.
Castañer, Olga
Fiol, Francisca
Mira-Castejón, Luis Alfredo
Moreno Rodríguez, Anai
Benavente-Marín, Juan Carlos
Abete, Itziar
Tomaino, Laura
Casas, Rosa
Barón López, F. Javier
Fernández-García, José Carlos
Santos-Lozano, José Manuel
Galera, Ana
Mascaró, Catalina M.
Razquin, Cristina
Papandreou, Christopher
Portoles, Olga
Pérez-Vega, Karla Alejandra
Fiol, Miguel
Compañ-Gabucio, Laura
Vaquero-Luna, Jessica
Ruiz-Canela, Miguel
Becerra-Tomás, Nerea
Fitó, Montserrat
Romaguera, Dora
UNESCO Clasification: 32 Ciencias médicas
Keywords: Cardiometabolic Risk
Inactive Time
Isotemporal Substitution
Light Physical Activity
Moderate To Vigorous Physical Activity, et al
Issue Date: 2019
Project: Neuroprotección Por Bloqueo de la Capacidad de Transactivadora Nf-Kb y Factores Relacionados. 
Sistema Inmune Inespecífico en Dorada (Sparus Aurata): Activación Del Sistema Interferón y Papel de la Actividad Bh4. Pi042004/153 
Efecto de Una Pérdida de Peso Con Dieta Mediterránea Hipocalórica y Promoción de la Actividad Física en la Prevención Primaria Cardiovascular 
Efecto de la Dieta Mediterránea Hopocalórica y Promoción de la Actividad Física en Prevención Primaria Cardiovascular.Estudio Piloto Sobre Marcadores Intermedios. 
Journal: International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity 
Abstract: Background: This study explored the association between inactive time and measures of adiposity, clinical parameters, obesity, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome components. It further examined the impact of reallocating inactive time to time in bed, light physical activity (LPA) or moderate-To-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) on cardio-metabolic risk factors, including measures of adiposity and body composition, biochemical parameters and blood pressure in older adults. Methods: This is a cross-sectional analysis of baseline data from 2189 Caucasian men and women (age 55-75 years, BMI 27-40 Kg/m2) from the PREDIMED-Plus study ( All participants had ≥3 components of the metabolic syndrome. Inactive time, physical activity and time in bed were objectively determined using triaxial accelerometers GENEActiv during 7 days (ActivInsights Ltd., Kimbolton, United Kingdom). Multiple adjusted linear and logistic regression models were used. Isotemporal substitution regression modelling was performed to assess the relationship of replacing the amount of time spent in one activity for another, on each outcome, including measures of adiposity and body composition, biochemical parameters and blood pressure in older adults. Results: Inactive time was associated with indicators of obesity and the metabolic syndrome. Reallocating 30 min per day of inactive time to 30 min per day of time in bed was associated with lower BMI, waist circumference and glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) (all p-values < 0.05). Reallocating 30 min per day of inactive time with 30 min per day of LPA or MVPA was associated with lower BMI, waist circumference, total fat, visceral adipose tissue, HbA1c, glucose, triglycerides, and higher body muscle mass and HDL cholesterol (all p-values < 0.05). Conclusions: Inactive time was associated with a poor cardio-metabolic profile. Isotemporal substitution of inactive time with MVPA and LPA or time in bed could have beneficial impact on cardio-metabolic health. Trial registration: The trial was registered at the International Standard Randomized Controlled Trial (ISRCTN: with number 89898870 and registration date of 24 July 2014, retrospectively registered.
ISSN: 1479-5868
DOI: 10.1186/s12966-019-0892-4
Source: International Journal Of Behavioral Nutrition And Physical Activity [ISSN 1479-5868],v. 16 (1), (Diciembre 2019)
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