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Title: A middle English text revised by a renaissance reader: John Wotton's annotations to British Library MS Sloane 249 (ff. 180v-205v)
Authors: Rodríguez Álvarez, Alicia 
Domínguez Rodríguez, María Victoria 
UNESCO Clasification: Investigación
Keywords: Marginalia
Early Modern English
John Wotton
Scientific discourse
Sloaiie 249
Issue Date: 2005
Journal: International Journal of English Studies 
Abstract: BL MS Sloane 249 ff. 180v-205v is a fifteenth-century gynecological treatise in the tradition of Gilbertus Anglicus' Compendium medicine, classified by Green as Sickness of Women 2 (Green, 1992: 81-82). Unlike other Middle English gynecological treatises, the text of this manuscript is thoroughly glossed by his Renaissance owner, one John Wotton, MD (Green, 2003: 383), who considered its language obsolete and unusual. His annotations, which include corrections, additions, eliminations, substitutions, etc. shed light on the changing vocabulary, morphology, grammatical constructions and even on stylistic preferences. The aim of this paper is to classify and comment on these annotations and to stress their importance for the historians of the English language.
ISSN: 1578-7044
Source: IJES, International Journal of English Studies [ISSN 1578-7044], v. 5 (2), p. 45-70
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