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Title: A 40.9 uW high sensitivity wake-up radio for wireless sensor networks using uncertain-IF architecture
Authors: Torres Armas, Emilio
Ramos-Valido, Dailos 
Khemchandani, Sunil L. 
Del Pino, J. 
Keywords: 33 Ciencias tecnológicas
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: This paper presents an 868 MHz wake-up radio using uncertain-IF architecture for wireless sensor network. It is designed to receive data modulated with on-off-keying in UMC 65nm CMOS technology and it employs uncertain-IF architecture to reduce the oscillator design constraints and to decrease power consumption. The wake-up radio consist of a single-ended active mixer, a five stage IF-amplifier and a differential envelope detector biased in weak inversion. The wake-up radio has been designed with to provide a trade-off between sensitivity and power consumption. The obtained sensitivity and power consumption is -78 dBm and 40.9 μW, respectively, with 1.2 V power supply.
Source: XXX Design of Circuits and Integrated Systems Conference (DCIS). Estoril, Portugal
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