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Title: Thermodynamic properties of (a methyl ester + an n-alkane): II. H<sup>E</sup><inf>m</inf> and V<sup>E</sup><inf>m</inf> for {xCH<inf>3</inf>(CH<inf>2</inf>)<inf>u-1</inf>CO<inf>2</inf>CH<inf>3</inf> (u = 1 to 6) + (1-x)CH<inf>3</inf>(CH<inf>2</inf>)<inf>4</inf>CH<inf>3</inf>}
Authors: González, E.
Ortega, J. 
Matos, J. S.
Tardajos, G.
Issue Date: 1993
Publisher: 0021-9614
Journal: Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics 
Abstract: HEm and VEm for six mixtures of {a methyl ester (from ethanoate to heptanoate) + hexane} were determined at the temperature 298.15 K and normal atmospheric pressure. The HEm values were measured directly with a Calvet microcalorimeter, and the VEm values were calculated indirectly from density measurements taken with a vibrating-tube densimeter. The HEm values for all the mixtures were positive over the entire range of mole fractions; however, the VEm values were positive for all the mixtures except those containing methyl hexanoate and methyl heptanoate, whose curves presented sigmoidal forms with VEm < 0 at ester mole fractions >0.641 and >0.136, respectively. The experimental curves were compared with the curves predicted using various theoretical approximations; none of the models, however, yielded good predictions of the VEm values. © 1993 Academic Press Ltd.
ISSN: 0021-9614
DOI: 10.1006/jcht.1993.1050
Source: The Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics[ISSN 0021-9614],v. 25, p. 561-568
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