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Title: Daily ration and feeding chronology of dominant diel vertical migrant fishes in the Subtropical Eastern North Atlantic Ocean
Authors: Ariza, Alejandro V.
Aguilar, Natacha
Hernández-León, Santiago 
UNESCO Clasification: 240106 Ecología animal
Keywords: Micronekton
Daily ration
Feeding chronology
Carbon flux
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: Diel Vertical Migrants (DVMs) are mainly zooplankton and micronekton which migrate upward from 400-500 m depth every night to feed on the productive epipelagic zone, coming back at dawn to the mesopelagic zone, where they defecate, excrete, and respire the ingested carbon. DVMs should contribute to the biological pump in the ocean and, accordingly, to the global CO2 balance. Although those migrants are mainly small fishes, cephalopods and crustaceans, the lanternfishes (myctophidae) usually contribute up to 80% of total DVMs biomass. Thus, myctophids may represent a pathway accounting for a substantial export of organic carbon to the deep ocean. However, the magnitude of this transport is still poorly known. In order to assess this active flux of carbon, we performed a preliminary study of mesopelagic organisms around the Canary Islands. Here we present the results of diet, daily rations and feeding chronology of Lobianchia dofleini, Hygophum hygomii and Ceratoscopelus maderensis, 3 dominant species of myctophids performing diel vertical migrations in the Subtropical Eastern North Atlantic Ocean. Samples were obtained on board the RV La Bocaina during June 2009. Myctophids were sorted and fixed in 4% buffered formalin and the stomach contents of target species were examined and weighted. Feeding chronology was approached by studying stomach fullness and state of digestion of prey items in individuals from hauls performed at different times and depths. Our results provide further information about lanternfishes feeding ecology in relation to their vertical migration patterns as well as their contribution to the biological carbon pump.
Source: 5th International Zooplankton Production Symposium (Pucón, Chile), 13-18 Marzo 2011
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