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Title: Modeling and experimental evaluation of thermodynamic properties for binary mixtures of dialkylcarbonate and alkanes using a parametric model
Authors: Ortega, Juan 
Espiau, Fernando 
Vreekamp, Remko
Tojo, José
Keywords: Vapor-Liquid-Equilibria
Molar Heat-Capacities
Dimethyl Carbonate
Diethyl Carbonate
Physical-Properties, et al
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: 0888-5885
Journal: Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 
Abstract: This work shows the utility of a parametric model, as a function of concentration and temperature, to correlate isobaric vapor-liquid equilibrium data and other themodynamic properties of solutions. With the model proposed here, a procedure can be designed to correlate properties and estimate parameters by successive steps in the order (x, c(P)(E)) ->-> (x, h(E)) ->-> (x, g(E)), applied here to a set of binary P systems for which experimental data already exist for these properties. Some of the steps can be omitted if the values for some of these properties are not available. The practical application is carried out on a set of binary systems of (dialkylcarbonate + alkane) for which data have been found for the three quantities. However, new experimental values of h(E) and g(E), obtained isobarically, are also provided for the systems considered necessary to verify the model. The results of this application show a good correlation for these quantities, improving on the results of previous models of NRTL and UNIQUAC.
ISSN: 0888-5885
DOI: 10.1021/ie0707366
Source: Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research[ISSN 0888-5885],v. 46, p. 7353-7366
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