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Title: Determination of benzimidazole fungicides in soil samples using microwave-assisted micellar extraction and liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection
Authors: Halko, Radoslav
Padrón Sanz, Carolina
Ferrera, Zoraida Sosa 
Rodríguez, José Juan Santana 
UNESCO Clasification: 2391 Química ambiental
2301 química analítica
Keywords: Thiophanate-Methyl
Uv Detection
Carbendazim, et al
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: 1060-3271
Journal: Journal of AOAC International 
Abstract: A simple and fast analytical method was developed for the determination of benzimidazole fungicidas (benomyl, carbendazim, thiabendazole, and fuberidazole) in soil samples. The analytes were extractad from the soil samples by means of conventional microwave-assisted extraction, using the non-ionic surfactants polyoxyethylene 1 O lauryl ether (POLE) and oligoethylene glycol monooalkyl ether (Genapol X-080) as extractants. Determinations were made by using liquid chromatography with direct fluorescence detection. The use of an analytical column Symmetry C-18 offered short retention times of analytes without the need of any pH regulators with mobile phase methanol-water (50 + 50, v/v). The best results were obtained using 5% (v/v) POLE as extractant with recoveries of the fungicidas in spiked soil samples between 71 and 105%. The results were comparad with those obtained when Soxhlet extraction was applied to the same soil samples.
ISSN: 1060-3271
Source: Journal of AOAC International [ISSN 1060-3271], v. 89, p. 1403-1409
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