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Title: Serum levels of insulin-like growth factor-I in relation to organochlorine pesticides exposure
Authors: Boada, Luis D. 
Lara, Pedro C.
Álvarez-León, Eva E.
Losada, Antonio
Zumbado, Manuel L. 
Limiñana-Cañal, Jose M.
Apolinario, Rosa 
Serra-Majem, Lluis 
Luzardo, Octavio P. 
Keywords: Igf Binding Protein-3
Canary-Islands Spain
Breast-Cancer Risk
Pollutants, et al
Issue Date: 2007
Journal: Growth Hormone and IGF Research 
Abstract: Context: Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-I) and organochlorine pesticides (OCs) have been involved in the pathogenesis of several diseases like cancer, diabetes and growth disorders.Objective and design: The potential relationship between the serum levels of various OCs and serum IGF-I was investigated in adults (176 men and 247 women) from a representative sample of the general population of the Canary Islands (Spain).Results. After adjustment for potential confounders, which include body mass index, age, and IGF-binding protein-3 (IGFBP-3), IGF-I levels were significantly lower in the 247 women who showed detectable levels of p,p'-DDD (a DDT-metabolite) than in women who presented non-detectable levels of this pesticide (p = 0.030), specially in 36-50 years old women. A similar negative relationship was also found between IGF-I and aldrin (a non-DDT-derivative) in women (p = 0.049). In the group of 176 men, aldrin seemed to exert a similar negative effect on IGF-I) = 0.046) and this effect was clearly significant in the oldest group (51-65 years) (p = 0.009). A non-linear dose-response curve was observed between Total Cyclodienes Body Burden (Total Cyclodienes; sum of aldrin. dieldrin and endrin) and IGF-I in men (p = 0.024). These findings suggest that OCs could modulate the IGF-system in a way that is highly influenced by gender, age and by chemical or combination of chemicals implicated. Such circumstances may contribute to the development of a number of diseases related to IGF-I and should be taken into account in public health decisions.
ISSN: 1096-6374
DOI: 10.1016/j.ghir.2007.05.004
Source: Growth Hormone and IGF Research [ISSN 1096-6374], v. 17, p. 506-511
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