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Title: Allozyme diversity in natural populations of Viola palmensis Webb & Berth. (Violaceae) from La Palma (Canary Islands): Implications for conservation genetics
Authors: Batista Hernández, Francisco 
Sosa, Pedro A. 
UNESCO Clasification: 241714 Genética vegetal
240903 Genética de poblaciones
Keywords: Recursos de germoplasma vegetal
Genética de las poblaciones
Canary Islands
Conservation genetics
Gene flow
Genetic diversity
Viola palmensis
Issue Date: 2002
Journal: Annals of Botany 
Abstract: Genetic diversity was measured by allozyme electrophoresis in eight natural populations of the threatened Canarian endemic Viola palmensis Webb & Berth. (Violaceae). Nineteen alleles corresponding to 11 gene loci were detected. High levels of genetic diversity were found, ranging from 36·3 to 45·4 % for the percentage of polymorphic loci (P), from 1·45 to 1·60 for the average number of alleles per locus (A) and from 0·128 to 0·200 for the expected heterozygosity (He). Between 85·5 and 96·6 % of genetic variability was apportioned within populations. As a whole, populations were not at Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium, with a deficit of heterozygous individuals attributable to the existence of genetic structuring in the populations analysed. The levels of interpopulation genetic differentiation were low (mean FST = 0·100), while genetic identity pair‐wise comparisons were high (mean I = 0·973) suggesting considerable levels of gene flow among populations. No relationship was detected between genetic differentiation and geographical distances between populations. An outcrossing insect‐mediated breeding system might contribute to pollen dispersion of this species. For conservation genetics we suggest in situ preservation areas are defined that are free of disturbance and that include populations with the highest genetic diversity.
ISSN: 0305-7364
DOI: 10.1093/aob/mcf256
Source: Annals of Botany [ISSN 0305-7364], v. 90 (6), p. 725-733
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