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Title: A pocket beach that reaches equilibrium after becoming disconnected from a large system of beaches. Playa Barca (Fuerteventura)
Authors: Bru, Eduardo
Alonso Bilbao, Ignacio 
UNESCO Clasification: 250601 Geología regional
Issue Date: 2014
Conference: IV Congress of Marine Sciences 
Abstract: Playa Barca is a 370 m long beach located within the system of the Leeward beaches on the Jandía peninsula, Fuerteventura. This system of beaches represents one of the major sources of economic income to the island, both because of its natural landscape that attract a specific type of tourism, and because of its particular climate conditions that make these beaches ideal for practicing wind-water sports. Nevertheless, in the past decades, this area has suffered from a significant and worrying coastline retreat. In order to look for an explanation to this retreat, five topographic surveys were carried out in October 1999, February 2001, February 2002, February 2003 and February 2013 to track the beach behavior in the last 15 years. A total station Topcon GTS-303D was used for this purpose. Surveys were carried out during low spring tides, so that the outer limit was the furthest possible depending on wave conditions. The inner limit covered part of the dunes in the backshore. From these topographic data both coastline changes and the sedimentary balance have been obtained.
Source: IV Simposio de Ciencias del Mar
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