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12018Using a bayesian structural time-series model to infer the causal impact on cigarette sales of partial and total bans on public smokingPinilla, Jaime ; Negrín, Miguel ; González-López-Valcárcel, Beatriz ; Vázquez-Polo, Francisco José 
22018Effect of tourism pressure on the mediterranean diet patternRodriguez-Mireles, Silvia; González Lopez-Valcarcel, Beatriz ; Serra Majem, Luis ; Hernandez-Yumar, Aranzazu; Barber Pérez, Patricia Lucía ; Pinilla Domínguez, Jaime ; Rodríguez Feijoó, Santiago ; Rodríguez Caro, Alejandro Manuel 
32018Pinocchio testing in the forensic analysis of waiting lists: using public waiting list data from Finland and Spain for testing Newcomb-Benford's LawPinilla, Jaime ; Lopez-Valcarcel, Beatriz G. ; Gonzalez-Martel, Christian ; Peiro, Salvador
42018Procedure to automate the classification and mapping of the vegetation density in arid aeolian sedimentary systemsGarcía-Romero, Leví ; Hernández-Cordero, Antonio I. ; Hernández-Calvento, Luis ; Espino, Emma Pérez Chacón ; Gonzalez Lopez-Valcarcel, Beatriz 
52018Short-term adverse effects of austerity policies on mortality rates: What could their real magnitude be?Hernández-Quevedo, Cristina; Lopez-Valcarcel, Beatriz G. ; Porta, Miquel
62018Long-term effect of a practice-based intervention (HAPPY AUDIT) aimed at reducing antibiotic prescribing in patients with respiratory tract infectionsLlor, Carl; Bjerrum, Lars; Molero, Jose M.; Moragas, Ana; González Lopez-Valcarcel, Beatriz ; Jose Monedero, M.; Gomez, Manuel; Cid, Marina; de Dios Alcantara, Juan; Cots, Josep M.; Ribas, Joana M.; Garcia, Guillermo; Ortega, Jesus; Pineda, Vicenta; Guerra, Gloria; Munuera, Susana; HAPPY AUDIT 3 Study Team
72018Breakfast choice: An experiment combining a nutritional training workshop targeting adolescents and the promotion of unhealthy productsMora, T.; González López-Valcárcel, Beatriz 
82018Obesity and perceived work discrimination in SpainVallejo Torres, Laura ; Morris, Stephen; González López-Valcárcel, Beatriz 
92018Crisis económica y salud: lecciones aprendidas y recomendaciones para el futuroOliva Moreno, Juan; Peña, Luz M.; González López-Valcárcel, Beatriz ; Barber Pérez, Patricia ; Zozaya, Néboa
102018Insurance company as dominant shareholder and financial performance in for-profit hospitalsAguiar-Díaz, Inmaculada ; Ruiz-Mallorquí, María Victoria ; González López-Valcárcel, Beatriz 
112017Eficiencia y sostenibilidad en la gestión clínicaGonzález López-Valcárcel, B. 
122017Allocation of residency training positions in Spain: contextual effects on specialty preferencesHarris, Jeffrey E.; Lopez-Valcarcel, Beatriz G. ; Barber, Patricia ; Ortún, Vicente
132017Danger: Local corruption is contagious!González López-Valcárcel, Beatriz ; Jiménez, Juan Luis ; Perdiguero, J.
142017Estimating direct effects of parental occupation on Spaniards' health by birth cohortPinilla, Jaime ; Lopez-Valcarcel, Beatriz G. ; Urbanos-Garrido, Rosa M.
152017Estimated saving of antibiotics in pharyngitis and lower respiratory tract infections if general practitioners used rapid tests and followed guidelinesLlor, Carles; Moragas, Ana; Cots, Josep M.; López-Valcárcel, Beatriz González 
162017Economic crisis, austerity policies, health and fairness: lessons learned in SpainLopez-Valcarcel, Beatriz G. ; Barber, Patricia 
172017Effect of cost sharing on adherence to evidence based medications in patients with acute coronary syndromeGonzález López-Valcárcel, Beatriz ; Librero, Julian; García Sempere, A.; Peña, Luz Marina; Bauer, S.; Puig-Junoy, Jaume; Oliva Moreno, J.; Peiro, Salvador; Sanfelix-Gimeno, Gabriel
182017El gradiente social de la obesidad en España: ¿qué sabemos y qué deberíamos saber?Panetta, Josefina; González López-Valcárcel, Beatriz 
192016Effect of drug cost-sharing change on nonadherence to essential medications for acute coronary syndrome: a population based natural experimentGonzález López-Valcárcel, Beatriz ; Librero, Julian; Peña Logobardo, L.M.; Bauer, S.; García Sempere, A.; Puig-Junoy, Jaume; Oliva Moreno, J.; Peiro, S.; Sanfélix Jimeno,G.
202016Effect Of Drug Cost-Sharing Change On Non-Adherence To Essential Medications For Acute Coronary Syndrome: A Population Based Natural ExperimentGonzalez, B. ; Librero, J.; Pena-Logobardo, L. M.; Bauer, S.; Garcia-Sempere, A.; Puig-Junoy, J.; Oliva Moreno, J.; Peiro, S.; Sanfelix-Gimeno, G.