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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020Geomechanical characterization of volcanic aggregates for paving construction applications and correlation with the rock propertiesGarcía González, Cándida Inmaculada ; Yepes Temiño, Jorge ; Franesqui García, Miguel Ángel Characterization_volcanic_aggregates_TRGEO242020_100383_PRE-PROOF.pdf.jpg
22020Rockfall hazard mitigation on infrastructures in volcanic slopes using computer-modelled ditchesYepes Temiño, Jorge ; García-González, Cándida ; Franesqui García, Miguel Ángel PRE-PROOF_Rockfall_hazard_mitigation_computer-modelled_ditches_(TRGEO,25[2020]_100402.pdf.jpg
32020Ultrasound monitoring and microwave self-healing of top-down cracks in asphalt pavementsFranesqui, Miguel A. ; Yepes Temiño, Jorge ; Gallego, JuanUltrasound_Microwave_Self-Healing_TDC_(Franesqui, Jun.20_LNCE,76_263-273).pdf.jpg
42019Sustainable low-temperature asphalt mixtures with marginal porous volcanic aggregates and crumb rubber modified bitumenFranesqui, Miguel A. ; Yepes, Jorge ; García-González, Cándida ; Gallego, JuanSustainable_low_temperature.pdf.jpg
52019Improvement of moisture damage resistance and permanent deformation performance of asphalt mixtures with marginal porous volcanic aggregates using crumb rubber modified bitumenFranesqui García, Miguel Ángel ; Yepes Temiño, Jorge ; García González, Cándida Inmaculada 
62018Marginal high porosity volcanic aggregates in asphalt-rubber hot mixesFranesqui García, Miguel Ángel ; Gallego, Juan; Yepes Temiño, Jorge ; García-González, Cándida Marginal porous volcanic aggregates in AR-HMA_(Franesqui et al._Oct.18,p.235-248).pdf.jpg
72017Ultrasound data for laboratory calibration of an analytical model to calculate crack depth on asphalt pavementsFranesqui, Miguel A. ; Yepes, Jorge ; García-González, Cándida Ultrasound_data_laboratory.pdf.jpg
82017Top-down cracking self-healing of asphalt pavements with steel filler from industrial waste applying microwavesFranesqui, Miguel A. ; Yepes, Jorge ; García-González, Cándida 
92017Rockfall hazard mitigation using ditch charts modeled with CRSP-3DYepes, Jorge ; García-González, Cándida ; Franesqui, Miguel A. 
102017Analysis of rockfall stop-distance factors with CRSP-3D in volcanic talusYepes, Jorge ; García-González, Cándida ; Franesqui, Miguel A. 
112016Laboratorio de caminos, ferrocarriles y aeropuertos. I : manual de ensayos de rocas y áridos volcánicosGarcía-González, Cándida ; Franesqui García, Miguel Ángel ; Yepes Temiño, Jorge laboratorio_caminos_ferrocarriles_aeropuertos.pdf.jpg
122016Laboratorio de caminos, ferrocarriles y aeropuertos. II : ensayos de mezclas bituminosasGarcía-González, Cándida ; Franesqui García, Miguel Ángel ; Yepes Temiño, Jorge 
132016Tareas básicas y contenido de los anejos de Geología y Geotecnia de los TFT en las titulaciones de ingeniería civilLomoschitz, Alejandro ; Jiménez López, Juan Ramón ; Franesqui, M.A. 0730076_00000_0044.pdf.jpg
142015Top-down cracking depth assessment in asphalt pavements using ultrasonic testingFranesqui, Miguel Ángel ; Gallego, Juan
152010Passive anchors within retaining walls to stabilize volcanic rock slopes in road wideningFranesqui, M. A. 
162010Construction experiences with volcanic unbound aggregates in road pavementsFranesqui, M. A. ; Branco, F. Castelo; Azevedo, M. C.; Moita, P.
172009Evolution of land transport in the Canary Islands since the nineteentlGarcfa, Franesqui Miguel A. 
182009Conclusions of the 4 th course of specialization in highways: Tracing of Highways (TRONCO) at Santa Cruz de Tenerife on January 30, 2009Rodríguez, Pablo Nobell; Puig, Xavier Massallé; Ruiz, Miguel Vallés; García, Miguel Ángel Franesqui ; Pineda, Jacobo Díaz; Megías, José Suárez
192007New European specifications for characterising asphalt bitumens in relation to plastic deformationFranesqui García, Miguel Ángel ; Giuliani, Felice
202006Road engineering and traditional building methods: The example of old roads in the Gran Canaria IslandFranesqui García, Miguel Ángel