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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019Preferences for sustainable mobility in natural areas: the case of Teide National ParkGonzález Marrero,Rosa Marina ; Román García, Concepción ; Dios Ortúzar, Juan de
22019Design of an indicator of confidence in the public authorities based on fuzzy logicMartín Hernández, Juan Carlos ; Román García, Concepción ; Stalin Vinan, Christian
32019A hybrid-fuzzy segmentation analysis of residents' perception towards tourism in Gran CanariaMartín Hernández, Juan Carlos ; Moreira , Pedro Ernesto ; Román García, Concepción 
42019Assessing service quality using fuzzy numbers and TOPSIS: an application to self-contained and serviced apartmentsMartín Hernández, Juan Carlos ; Mendoza León, Cira María ; Román García, Concepción 
52019The research topics on e-grocery: Trends and existing gapsMartín, Juan Carlos ; Pagliara, Francesca; Román, Concepción 
62018Determinants for sun-and-beach self-catering accommodation selection: a stated preference approachMartín, Juan Carlos ; Román, Concepción ; Mendoza León, Cira María 
72018Visitors' attitudes towards bicycle use in the Teide National ParkGonzález, Rosa Marina; Román, Concepción ; Marrero, Ángel Simón
82018Revising importance-performance analysis: a new synthetic service quality indicator applied to the tourist apartment industryMartín Hernández, Juan Carlos ; Mendoza León, Cira María ; Román García, Concepción 
92018Fuzzy logic to assess service quality at arts festivalsDu Plessis, Engelina; Martin, Juan Carlos ; Roman, Concepcion ; Slabbert, Elmarie
102018How different N-point likert scales affect the measurement of satisfaction in academic conferencesMartín, Juan Carlos ; Román, Concepción ; Gonzaga, ClaraHow_different_n_point.pdf.jpg
112018Estimating the value of risk reductions for car drivers when pedestrians are involved: a case study in SpainGonzalez, Rosa Marina; Roman, Concepcion ; Amador, Francisco Javier; Rizzi, Luis Ignacio; de Dios Ortuzar, Juan; Espino, Raquel ; Carlos Martin, Juan ; Cherchi, Elisabetta
122017Regional spanish tourism competitivenessMartín, Juan Carlos ; Mendoza León, Cira María ; Román, Concepción Regional_Spanish_tourism_competitiveness.pdf.jpg
132017Estimaciones del valor del tiempo de viaje de los visitantes del Parque Nacional del TeideGonzález Marrero, Rosa Marina; Simón Marrero, Ángel; Román, Concepción 
142017Measuring service quality in the hotel industry: the value of user generated contentCarlos Martin, Juan ; Roman, Concepcion Measuring_service_quality_hotel_industry.pdf.jpg
152017Presentación. Turismo sostenible: un debate todavía abierto a la discusiónRomán, Concepción Turismo_sostenible_debate_abierto.pdf.jpg
162017Service quality evaluation in the perception of the wine tourist with Fuzzy Logic and Ideal SolutionsBatista de Freitas, Joao; Carlos Martin, Juan ; Roman, Concepcion Service_quality_evaluation.pdf.jpg
172017A latent class model with attribute cut-offs to analyze modal choice for freight transportRomán, Concepción ; Arencibia, Ana Isabel ; Feo Valero, María
182017Quality of service and segmentation in the MICE industry: An approximation based on fuzzy logicMartín, Juan Carlos ; Román, Concepción ; Gonzaga, Clara
192017A DEA Travel-Tourism Competitiveness IndexMartín Hernández, Juan Carlos ; Mendoza, Cira; Román García, Concepción 
202017Fuzzy numbers and topsis for analyzing service quality in the mice industryMartín, Juan Carlos ; Román, Concepción ; Gonzaga Vallejo, Luz Clara