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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019The research topics on e-grocery: Trends and existing gapsMartín, Juan Carlos ; Pagliara, Francesca; Román, Concepción 
22019Social media as a resource for sentiment analysis of Airport Service Quality (ASQ)Martin-Domingo, Luis; Martín, Juan Carlos ; Mandsberg, Glen
32018Fuzzy logic to assess service quality at arts festivalsDu Plessis, Engelina; Martin, Juan Carlos ; Roman, Concepcion ; Slabbert, Elmarie
42018An analysis of the Spanish high capacity road network criticalityGarcía-Palomares, Juan Carlos; Gutiérrez, Javier; Martín, Juan Carlos ; Moya-Gómez, Borja
52018Editorial introduction for the special issue on accessibility, resilience and vulnerabilityMartín, Juan Carlos ; Reggiani, Aura; Thill, Jean-Claude
62018A body of knowledge representation model of ecotourism products in southeastern EcuadorQuezada-Sarmiento, Pablo Alejandro; Macas-Romero, Jéssica del Cisne; Roman, Concepción ; Martin, Juan Carlos 
72018Are there any differences in client satisfaction investigation within scopus and russian journals publications?Rudchenko, Veronika; Martin, Juan-Carlos ; Sanchez-Rebull, Maria-Victoria
82018Hotel Guests´ Satisfaction: A Segmentation Analysis Based on Age and Gender Using Topsis Fuzzy MethodologyMartín Hernández, Juan Carlos ; Sánchez-Rebull, María Victoria; Rudchenko, Veronika
92018Estimating the value of risk reductions for car drivers when pedestrians are involved: a case study in SpainGonzalez, Rosa Marina; Roman, Concepcion ; Amador, Francisco Javier; Rizzi, Luis Ignacio; de Dios Ortuzar, Juan; Espino, Raquel ; Carlos Martin, Juan ; Cherchi, Elisabetta
102018The antecedents and consequences of customer satisfaction in tourism: a systematic literature reviewSánchez-Rebull, María-Victoria; Rudchenko, Veronika; Martín, Juan Carlos 
112018Vascular ultrasound in pediatrics: utility and application of location and measurement of jugular and femoral vesselsLópez Álvarez, J. M.; Pérez Quevedo, O.; Santana Cabrera, L.; Rodríguez Escot, C.; Ramírez Lorenzo, T. ; Limiñana Cañal, J. M.; Loro Ferrer, J. F. 
122018Determinants for sun-and-beach self-catering accommodation selection: a stated preference approachMartín, Juan Carlos ; Román, Concepción ; Mendoza León, Cira María 
132018Revising importance-performance analysis: a new synthetic service quality indicator applied to the tourist apartment industryMartín Hernández, Juan Carlos ; Mendoza León, Cira María ; Román García, Concepción 
142018How different N-point likert scales affect the measurement of satisfaction in academic conferencesMartín, Juan Carlos ; Román, Concepción ; Gonzaga, Clara
152017Air and HST multimodal products. A segmentation analysis for policy makersBrida, Juan Gabriel; Carlos Martin, Juan ; Roman, Concepcion ; Scuderi, Raffaele
162017A DEA Travel-Tourism Competitiveness IndexMartín, Juan Carlos ; Mendoza, Cira; Román, Concepción 
172017Service quality evaluation in the perception of the wine tourist with Fuzzy Logic and Ideal SolutionsBatista de Freitas, Joao; Carlos Martin, Juan ; Roman, Concepcion 
182017Quality of service and segmentation in the MICE industry: An approximation based on fuzzy logicMartín, Juan Carlos ; Román, Concepción ; Gonzaga, Clara
192017A DEA-logistics performance indexMartí, Luisa; Martín, Juan Carlos ; Puertas, Rosa
202017Un método híbrido multicriterio basado en la lógica borrosa para evaluar el desarrollo del turismo comunitario en Imbabura (Ecuador)Martín, Juan Carlos