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12021Length–weight relationships of five selected demersal fishes from the Cabo Verde Islands (eastern-central Atlantic)González, José A. ; Triay-Portella, Raül ; Correia, Sandra; Martins, Albertino; González-Lorenzo, Gustavo, et alArtículo
22020First report of an association of the deep-water hermit crab parapagurus pilosimanus (decapoda, parapaguridae) and the zoantharian epizoanthus from macaronesiaGonzález, José A. ; Biscoito, ManuelArtículo
32020Artisanal fisheries in the canary islands (Eastern-central atlantic): Description, analysis of their economic contribution, current threats, and strategic actions for sustainable developmentGonzález, José A. ; González-Lorenzo, Gustavo; Tejera, Gonzalo; Arenas-Ruiz, Rocío; Pajuelo, José G. , et alArtículoartisanalfisheriescanaryislands.pdf.jpg
42020Merluccius polli and M. senegalensis (Merlucciidae) as first records from the Canary Islands (north-eastern Atlantic), with morphology dataGonzález-Lorenzo, J. Gustavo; Triay-Portella, Raül ; González-Jiménez, José F.; Martín-Sosa, Pablo; Jiménez, Sebastián, et alReseña
52019Sampling techniques evaluation for monitoring and control of a non-native crab populationMartín García, Jose Antonio ; Triay Portella, Raül ; Lorenzo Nespereia, J. M. ; Bodero-Izquierdo, I; González, José Antonio , et alPonenciaFrontiers | SAMPLING TECHNIQUES EVALUATION FOR MONITORING AND CONTROL OF A NON-NATIVE CRAB POPULATION.pdf.jpg
62019On the presence of the deep-water rose shrimp parapenaeus longirostris (Decapoda, dendobranchiata, penaeidae) off the Canary islandsGonzález Pérez, José Antonio ; Landeira Sánchez, José María Artículo
72019Filling biological information gaps of the marine topshell Phorcus sauciatus (Gastropoda: Trochidae) to ensure its sustainable exploitationSousa, Ricardo; Vasconcelos, Joana; Delgado, Joao; Riera, R. ; González Pérez, José Antonio , et alArtículo
82019Disentangling exploitation of the intertidal grazer Phorcus sauciatus (Gastropoda: Trochidae) in an oceanic archipelago: Implications for conservationSousa, Ricardo; Vasconcelos, Joana; Riera, R. ; Delgado, Joao; González Pérez, José Antonio , et alArtículo
92019Restructuring of the 'Macaronesia' biogeographic unit: A marine multitaxon biogeographical approachFreitas, Rui; Romeiras, Maria; Silva, Luis; Cordeiro, Ricardo; Madeira, Patricia, et alArtículoRestructuringofthemacaronesia.pdf.jpg
102019Caudal region regeneration in a natural population of the morid fish Physiculus cyanostrophus in the tropical eastern Atlantic oceanTriay-Portella, Raul ; González Pérez, José Antonio ; Pajuelo, Jose G. Artículo
112018Conocer al invasor: Dispersión del Decápodo donativo Cronius ruber en los Ecosistemas Marinos de Gran Canaria (Islas Canarias)Triay Portella, Raül ; Martín García, Jose Antonio ; González Pérez, José Antonio ; Lorenzo Nespereira, José María ; Lorenzo Nespereira, José María Póster de congresosposter en congreso vigo junio 2018.pdf.jpg
122018A new species of Physiculus (Teleostei: Moridae) from the Cape Verde Islands (Eastern Central Atlantic)González, J. A. ; Triay-Portella, RaÜl ; Biscoito, ManuelArtículo
132018Sex with the lights off: Can a morphological structure reveal the sex and functional sexual maturity in the genus Plesionika?Triay-Portella, Raül ; González, José A. ; Biscoito, Manuel; Ruiz-Diaz, Raquel; Pajuelo, José G. Artículo
142018First record of Pelagopenaeus balboae and Sergia wolffi (Decapoda, Dendrobranchiata) from the Canary Islands, with an annotated checklist of the Dendrobranchiata in the areaLandeira Sánchez, José María ; González Pérez, José Antonio Reseña
152018On the presence of Pinnotheres pisum (Brachyura, Pinnotheridae) in the Canary Islands (NE Atlantic), its southernmost distribution limitTriay-Portella, Raül ; Perez-Miguel, Marta; González, José A. ; Cuesta, Jose A.Artículo
162018Deep-sea sharks as by-catch of an experimental fishing survey for black scabbardfishes (Aphanopus spp.) off the Canary Islands (NE Atlantic)Freitas, Mafalda; Costa, Luisa; Delgado, Joao; Jimenez, Sebastian; Timoteo, Viriato, et alArtículoDeepseasharks.pdf.jpg
172018Checklists of Crustacea Decapoda from the Canary and Cape Verde Islands, with an assessment of Macaronesian and Cape Verde biogeographic marine ecoregionsGonzález, J. A. Artículo
182018Physiculus sudanensis Paulin, 1989, a junior synonym of P-dalwigki Kaup, 1858 (Teleostei, Gadiformes, Moridae), with a redescription of P-dalwigkiBiscoito, Manuel; Gonzalez, Jose A. Artículo
192018Changes in catch and bycatch composition and in species diversity of a semi-floating shrimp-trap fishery in three eastern Atlantic island ecosystems with different degrees of human alterationPajuelo, José G. ; Triay-Portella, Raül ; Delgado, João; Góis, Ana R.; Correia, Sandra, et alArtículoChanges_catch_composition_species .pdf.jpg
202018Identifying populations of the blue jack mackerel (Trachurus picturatus) in the Northeast Atlantic by using geometric morphometrics and otolith shape analysisVasconcelos, Joana; Vieira, Ana R.; Sequeira, Vera; González, José A. ; Kaufmann, Manfred, et alArtículoIdentifying_populations_mackerel.pdf.jpg