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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020Satisfaction, image, and loyalty can be enhanced with congruent olfactory treatments: the acid test of optician franchise stores in shopping centres and on the high streetBeerli Palacio, María Asunción ; Díaz Meneses, Gonzalo ; Martín Santana, Josefa Delia 
22020Cómo se hace un informe de investigación de mercadosDíaz Meneses, Gonzalo 
32020Pinpointing the barriers to recycling at destinationDíaz-Meneses, Gonzalo ; Vilkaite-Vaitone, Neringasustainability-12-02635-v2.pdf.jpg
42019Ethics for innovation in hospitality: How incremental and radical novelties are induced by managers' social and ecological responsibilityDíaz Meneses, Gonzalo ; Nieves Rodríguez, Julia sustainability-11-06277.pdf.jpg
52019Libro de prácticas para el análisis de datos con SPSS en investigaciones de mercadoDíaz Meneses, Gonzalo 
62019Enhancing health by means of massive open online courses in Social Marketing in action: cases from around the worldDíaz Meneses, Gonzalo 
72019Social Marketing in Action: Cases from Around the WorldBasil, Debra Z.; Díaz Meneses, Gonzalo ; Basil, Michael D.Basil-Teaching Guides compiled.pdf.jpg
82019Correction to: Social Marketing in ActionBasil, Debra Z.; Díaz Meneses, Gonzalo ; Basil, Michael D.
92019A Brief History of Social MarketingDíaz Meneses, Gonzalo ; Basil, Michael D.
102018Knowledge sources and innovation in the hotel industry: Empirical analysis on Gran Canaria Island, a mature mass-tourism destinationNieves, Julia ; Diaz-Meneses, Gonzalo 
112018Is youth cannabis smoking related to types,iIntensities and varieties of leisure activities and values?Díaz-Meneses, Gonzalo ; Beerli-Palacio, Asunción ; Martín-Santana, Josefa 
122017A multiphase trip, diversified digital and varied background approach to analysing and segmenting holidaymakers and their use of social mediaDíaz-Meneses, Gonzalo 
132016Antecedents and outcomes of marketing innovation: An empirical analysis in the hotel industryNieves, Julia ; Diaz-Meneses, Gonzalo 
142015Comparing short- and long-term breastfeeding modelsDiaz Meneses, Gonzalo ; Luri Rodríguez, Ignacio
152015On Drenching the Massive, Mature Tourist Destinations in the Sunny and Sandy Social Marketing InnovationDiaz-Meneses, Gonzalo ; Luri-Rodriguez, IgnacioDrenching_massive_mature_tourist_destinations.pdf.jpg
162013Breastfeeding: An emotional instinctDíaz Meneses, Gonzalo 
172012How to learn from the mothers breastfeeding experience: Implications for promotion and social marketingDíaz Meneses, Gonzalo 
182012Modelo explicativo del comportamiento de los jóvenes ante el botellón y el cannabis desde la perspectiva del marketing socialBeerli Palacio, Asunción ; Martín Santana, Josefa Delia ; Fernández Monroy, Margarita ; Galván Sánchez, Inmaculada ; Díaz Meneses, Gonzalo 
192012A model of attitudes, beliefs, emotions and values to explain the Spanish youth street binge drinking phenomenaBeerli Palacio, María Asunción ; Martín Santana, Josefa Delia ; Díaz Meneses, Gonzalo ; Fernández Monroy, Margarita ; Galván Sánchez, Inmaculada 
202011Por un marketing social como herramienta de la educación para el desarrolloDíaz Meneses, Gonzalo