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Título: Polymers for Additive Manufacturing
Autores/as: Monzón Verona, Mario Domingo 
Paz Hernández, Rubén 
Clasificación UNESCO: 3313 Tecnología e ingeniería mecánicas
Palabras clave: Anisotropy
Fecha de publicación: 2023
Editor/a: Springer 
Publicación seriada: Springer Handbooks
Resumen: This chapter summarizes the different possibilities and properties of the polymeric materials suitable to be processed by any technology of additive manufacturing (AM). The chapter classifies the polymeric materials into two categories: thermoplastics and photopolymers/thermosets, presenting the basic characteristics of each and the influence of the AM process on the properties of the final part. The main approach of this chapter is to show a comparison between different material suppliers in terms of mechanical properties according to standard tests of specimens built in different directions in the AM equipment. The technical data sheets show a clear anisotropic behavior, mainly for material extrusion AM technology, so this practical information is very useful for designers to take into account the orientation of the part into the machine to achieve a minimum level of mechanical properties. Also, the most common applications of these materials are presented from low to high performance, rigid or elastic.
ISSN: 2522-8692
DOI: ISSN 2522-8692
Fuente: Springer Handbooks [ISSN 2522-8692], v. Part F1592, p. 571-584, (Enero 2023)
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