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Title: Social cost of stray animals
Authors: Bernete Perdomo, Eva
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: León González, Carmelo
Keywords: 531202 Servicios comunitarios, sociales e individuales
310404 Cuidado y Explotación
metadata.dc.subject.other: Stray animal
Social cost
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: Spain has one of the highest prevalence of animal abandon in Europe. According to FAPAM in Spain are collectes more than 300.000 animals a year with a direct cost of 6.000.000€ per year. This figure is referred only to the cost of rescue, veterianry care, housing and maintenance. Complaints of abuse are over 18.000 each year without any official data on these costs. Every three minutes an animal is abandoned in Spain. Historically, neglect and abuse of animals has ocurred as natural as an animal is just a "thing" that has as much its commercial value. Once in possession of the animal, the owner could do anything with him and generally nobody cared. There are hundreds of letters, reports, stories etc. reflecting this fact. Fortunately societies evolve and no one wants to see abandoned and abused animals, society gains nothing from it, indeed, this problem generates costs that society does not have to bear. Stray animals also cause other less known expenses such as those from traffic accedents, bites or animal disease transmission. Other costs such as the ethical, moral and policy are also discussed. Solving the problem of animal abuse and neglect is needed to reduce social costs.
Description: Máster en Economía del Turismo, Transporte y Medio Ambiente
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