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Title: New beaked whale mass stranding in Canary islands associated with naval military exercises (Majestic eagle 2004)
Authors: Jáber Mohamad, José Raduán 
Arbelo Hernández, Manuel Antonio 
Castro, P.
Martín, V.
Gallardo, T.
Fernández Rodríguez, Antonio Jesús 
UNESCO Clasification: 310907 Patología
Issue Date: 2005
Conference: 16th Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals (SMM 2005) 
Abstract: Four Cuvier´s beaked whales (Ziphius cavirostris) stranded on the Lanzarote and Fuerteventura islands. The first animal was found the 21th of July and the last one the 26th. The previous week (11th- 16th July), an international naval exercise (including 10 countries) took place between the Canaries and Morocco waters. Up to now, no especific official information about naval acoustic activities has been achieved by our University. Necropsies were performed in 3 out of 4 stranded whales. The advanced autolitic conditions of the last animal did not allow to take samples for histology. Tissue samples were processed for histology and for detecting fat embolism. The preliminary pathological results may conclude: (1) A new atypical beaked whale mass stranding temporal and spatially associated with an international naval exercise (“Majestic Eagle-2004”; (2) The three necropsied whales showed very similar macroscopical (including full stomachs with non-digested food) and histological findings to those observed in beaked whales stranded during or after the “Neotapon- 2002” naval exercises; (3) Gas embolism was not possible to demonstrate due to postmortem autolisis, but all three whales showed a systemic fat embolism as it was also detected in fresh and autolitic stranded beaked whales associated with “Neotapon-2002” naval exercises.
Source: 16th Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals (SMM 2005)
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