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12020Benefits of inclined pile foundations in earthquake resistant design of bridgesGonzález, Francisco; Carbonari, Sandro; Padrón, Luis A. ; Morici, Michele; Aznárez, Juan J. ; Dezi, Francesca; Maeso, Orlando ; Leoni, GrazianoArtículo
22020Influence of soil non-homogeneity on the base shear force of piled structures subjected to harmonic seismic wavesMedina, Cristina ; Álamo, G. M.; Aznárez González, Juan José ; Padron, Luis A. ; Maeso, Orlando F. Artículo
32020Computation of pile kinematic bending moments in non-homogeneous soil profiles. Testing the validity of a simplified Vs30-equivalent homogeneous mediumÁlamo Meneses, Guillermo M. ; Aznárez González, Juan J. ; Padrón Hernández, Luis A. ; Maeso Fortuny, Orlando Artículo
42020Simple approach for including foundation–soil–foundation interaction in the static stiffnesses of multi-element shallow foundationsRodríguez Bordón, Jacob David ; Aznárez, Juan José ; Maeso, Orlando ; Bhattacharya, SubhamoyArtículobordon2020.pdf.jpg
52020Equivalent linear model for the lateral dynamic analysis of pile foundations considering pile-soil interface degradationGonzález Pérez, Francisco ; Padron, Luis A. ; Aznarez, Juan J. ; Maeso, Orlando Artículo
62019Seismic response of bridge piers on pile groups for different soil damping models and lumped parameter representations of the foundationGonzález, Francisco ; Padrón, Luis A. ; Carbonari, Sandro; Morici, Michele; Aznárez, Juan J. ; Dezi, Francesca; Leoni, GrazianoArtículoGonzalez_et_al_2019_EESD.pdf.jpg
72019Importance of Using Accurate Soil Profiles for the Estimation of Pile Kinematic Input FactorsÁlamo Meneses, Guillermo Manuel ; Aznarez, Juan J. ; Padron, Luis A. ; Martinez-Castro, Alejandro E.; Maeso, Orlando Artículo
82019Application of regression models for the estimation of the flexible-base period of pile-supported structures in continuously inhomogeneous soilsMedina, C. ; Alamo, G. M. ; Padrón, L. A. ; Aznárez, J. J. ; Maeso, O. Artículo
92019Closed-form stiffnesses of multi-bucket foundations for OWT including group effect correction factorsBordón, J. D.R. ; Aznárez, J. J. ; Padrón, L. A. ; Maeso, O. ; Bhattacharya, S.Artículo
102019Variations in the dynamic response of structures founded on piles induced by obliquely incident SV wavesMedina, Cristina ; Álamo, Guillermo M. ; Aznarez, Juan J. ; Padron, Luis A. ; Maeso, Orlando Artículo
112019The effectiveness of a pile barrier for vibration transmission in a soil stratum over a rigid bedrockÁlamo, Guillermo M. ; Bordón, Jacob D.R. ; Aznarez, Juan J. ; Lombaert, GeertArtículo
122019Numerical integration scheme for singular integrals based on polar coordinates free from angular quasi-singularitiesBordón, J. D.R. ; Aznárez, J. J. ; Maeso, O. Artículo
132019Fitting procedure based on Differential Evolution to evaluate impedance parameters of metal–coating systemsGonzález, Francisco; Greiner, David ; Mena, Vicente ; Souto, Ricardo M.; Santana, Juan J. ; Aznárez, Juan J. Artículo
142018Shape optimized inclined single and double wall wave barriers for ground vibration mitigationBordón, J. D.R. ; Van hoorickx, C.; Aznárez, J. J. ; Schevenels, M.; Maeso, O. ; Lombaert, G.Artículo
152018A criterion to assess the relevance of structural flexibility on the seismic response of large buried structuresSantana, Ariel ; Aznárez, Juan J. ; Padrón, Luis A. ; Maeso, Orlando Artículo
162018Relevance of soil-pile tangential tractions for the estimation of kinematic seismic forces: Formulation and setting of a Winkler approachÁlamo, Guillermo M. ; Bordón, Jacob D.R. ; Aznárez, Juan J. ; Maeso, Orlando Artículo
172018Dynamic soil-structure interaction in offshore wind turbines on monopiles in layered seabed based on real dataÁlamo, Guillermo M. ; Aznárez, Juan J. ; Padrón, Luis A. ; Martinez-Castro, Alejandro E.; Gallego, Rafael; Maeso, Orlando Artículo
182017Observations on the influence of soil profile on the seismic kinematic bending moments of offshore wind turbine monopilesHerrera, Javier; Aznárez, Juan J. ; Padrón, Luis A. ; Maeso, Orlando Actas de congresosObservations_influence_soil.pdf.jpg
192017Implementation of the consistent lumped-parameter model for the computation of the seismic response of nonlinear piled structuresGonzález Pérez, F. ; Padrón, Luis A. ; Aznárez, Juan J. ; Maeso, Orlando Actas de congresosImplementation_consistent_lumped.pdf.jpg
202017Dynamic model of open shell structures buried in poroelastic soilsBordón, J. D.R. ; Aznárez, J. J. ; Maeso, O. Artículo