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12008Mesozooplankton biomass and enzymatic metabolic activities increases in the boundaries of island-generated eddiesGómez, May ; Hernández-León, Santiago ; Almeida Peña, Carlos ; Torres Curbelo, Santiago Actas de congresos0678712_00000_0000.pdf.jpg
22001Flow cytometry of cell proliferation through the incorporation of bromodeoxyuridine as an index of growth rate in the water flea, Daphnia magna (Crustacea, Cladocera)Gomez, M ; Mayo, I; Torres Curbelo, Santiago Artículo
32001Zooplankton biomass and indices of feeding and metabolism in island-generated eddies around Gran CanariaHernández-León, S. ; Almeida, C. ; Gomez, M ; Torres Curbelo, Santiago ; Montero, I., et alArtículo
41999Biomass and metabolism of zooplankton in the Bransfield Strait (Antarctic Peninsula) during austral springHernández-León, S. ; Torres Curbelo, Santiago ; Gomez, M ; Montero, I.; Almeida, C. Artículo
51998Mesozooplankton metabolism and its effect on chlorophyll and primary production in slope waters of the Canary IslandsHernandez-León, S. ; Arístegui, J. ; Gómez, May ; Torres Curbelo, Santiago ; Almeida, C. , et alArtículo
61997The relationship between ammonia excretion and GDH activity in marine zooplanktonHernández-León, Santiago ; Torres Curbelo, Santiago Artículo
71996Modification of the electron transport system (ETS) method for routine measurements of respiratory rates of zooplanktonGomez, M ; Torres Curbelo, Santiago ; Hernzández-León, S. Artículo
81992Large scale and mesoscale patterns of metabolic activity of epipelagic micro and mesoplankton in the Northeastern Central Atlantic at 21ºNHernández-León, S. ; Postel, L.; Arístegui, J. ; Gómez, M. ; Montero, M. F. , et alArtículo0348321_00000_0000.pdf.jpg
91992Zooplankton oxygen consumption and nutrient release in relation to species composition, animals size and enviromental conditions in the Baltic Sea during May and AugustPostel, L.; Hernández-León, Santiago ; Gómez, May ; Torres Curbelo, Santiago ; Mikkat, U., et alActas de congresos0348205_00000_0000.pdf.jpg