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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019Engineering of E-Learning content creation: case study for African countriesAfonso-Suárez, María Dolores ; Pumar Carreras, Maria Nayra ; Ruiz Alzola, Juan 
22018Classification of mild cognitive impairment stages using machine learning methodsCabrera-León, Ylermi ; García Báez, Patricio ; Ruiz Alzola, Juan ; Suárez-Araujo, Carmen Paz 
32018A medical imaging computing learning program: transitioning towards the medical technology in AfricaAfonso Suárez, María Dolores ; Skareb, Asmaa ; Ruiz Alzola, Juan Bautista 
42018Train the trainers: medical technology for the sustainable development of AfricaRuiz Alzola, Juan Bautista ; Skareb, Asmaa ; Idriss, Ahmedou Moulaye; Diao, Babacar; Da Rosa De Pina Ferreira, Joseane; Fernandes Rodrigues, Maria Alexandra; López Rivero, Luis Mateo ; Kikinis, Ron
52017Technological challenges for the optical physics in the diabetes-related lower extremity diseaseRodríguez-Florido, M. A. ; Mateos, I.; Ruiz-Alzola, J. ; Maynar, M. 
62013Advanced signal processing methods for biomedical imagingRuiz-Alzola, Juan ; Alberola-López, Carlos; Westin, Carl Fredrik
72010Fast and accurate geodesic distance transform by ordered propagationCárdenes, Rubén; Alberola-López, Carlos; Ruiz-Alzola, Juan 
82009A tensor approach to elastography analysis and visualizationSosa-Cabrera, D.; Rodriguez-Florido, M. A.; Suarez-Santana, E.; Ruiz-Alzola, Juan 
92008Speckle reduction through interactive evolution of a general order statistics filter for clinical ultrasound imagingMunteanu, Cristian; Morales, Francisco Cabrera; Ruiz-Alzola, Juan 
102008Strain index: A New visualizing parameter for US elastographySosa-Cabrera, Dario; De Luis-García, R.; Tristán-Vega, A.; Alberola-López, Carlos; Ruiz-Alzola, Juan 
112008Un nuevo concepto de formación médica utilizando software de simulación: desde el desarrollo a las aulasSantana, R.; Rodríguez-Florido, M.A.; Maynar Moliner, Manuel ; Ruiz Alzola, Juan 
122007Vorticity visualization: Phantom study for a new discriminant parameter in US elastographySosa-Cabrera, D.; Rodriguez-Florido, M. A.; Suarez-Santana, E.; Ruiz-Alzola, Juan 
132007Sequential anisotropic Wiener filtering applied to 3D MRI dataMartin-Fernandez, Marcos; Alberola-Lopez, Carlos; Ruiz-Alzola, Juan ; Westin, Carl Fredrik
142007A fuzzy system for helping medical diagnosis of malformations of cortical developmentAlayón, Silvia; Robertson, Richard; Warfield, Simon K.; Ruiz-Alzola, Juan 
152007A Riemannian approach to anisotropic filtering of tensor fieldsCastaño-Moraga, C. A.; Lenglet, C.; Deriche, R.; Ruiz-Alzola, J. 
162007Tensor signal processingRuiz-Alzola, J. ; Westin, C. F.
172007Characterization of a multiscale variational optical flow method for elastographySosa-Cabrera, D.; Gonzalez-Fernandez, J.; Gómez Déniz, Luis ; Ruiz Alzola, Juan Bautista 
182006Tensor field regularization using normalized convolution and Markov random fields in a Bayesian frameworkWestin, Carl Fredrik; Martin-Fernandez, Marcos; Alberola-Lopez, Carlos; Ruiz-Alzola, Juan ; Knutsson, Hans
192006A homomorphic filtering framework for DT-MRICastaño-Moraga, Carlos Alberto; Westin, Carl Fredrik; Ruiz-Alzola, Juan 
202006Anisotropic filtering with nonlinear structure tensorsCastaño-Moraga, Carlos Alberto; Ruiz-Alzola, Juan