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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12017Segmentation of elastic fibres in images of vessel wall sections stained with Weigert's resorcin-fuchsinHernández-Morera, Pablo ; Travieso-González, Carlos M. ; Castaño-González, Irene; Ortega-Santana, Francisco ; Mompeó Corredera, Blanca 
22017A bark recognition algorithm for plant classification using a least square support vector machineBlaanco, Luis J.; Travieso, Carlos M. ; Quinteiro, Jose M. ; Hernandez, Pablo V. ; Dutta, Malay Kishore; Singh, Anushikha
32016Quantification and statistical analysis methods for vessel wall components from stained images with Masson's trichromeHernández-Morera, Pablo ; Castaño-González, Irene; Travieso-González, Carlos M. ; Mompeó-Corredera, Blanca; Ortega-Santana, Francisco 
42014Radiofrequency identification system for control of groups in common channelHernández, Pablo V. ; Sandoval, Juan D. ; De La Puente, Fernando 
52014Archer: Corporate access control system and schedule managementDe La Puente, Fernando ; Hernández, Pablo V. ; Sandoval, Juan D. 
62012Using data mining and fingerprinting extension with device orientation information for WLAN efficient indoor location estimationSánchez, David; Quinteiro, José Ma ; Hernández-Morera, Pablo ; Martel-Jordán, Ernestina 
72012LugaReco: Mobile application for semantic recommendation of tourist points of interest using photographsQuinteiro-González, José María ; Martel-Jordán, Ernestina A. ; Hernández-Morera, Pablo ; López-Rodríguez, Aaron ; García-Pérez, Tomás
82011Text classification in natural language using WikipediaQuinteiro-González, Jose María ; Martel-Jordán, Ernestina ; Hernández-Morera, Pablo ; Ligero-Fleitas, Juan A.; López-Rodriguez, Aaron 
92010Recommendation system in an audio visual delivery platformJose Quinteiro-Gonzalez, Ma; Martel-Jordán, Ernestina ; Hernández-Morera, Pablo ; López-Rodríguez, Aaron ; Martel-Monagas, Leidia ; Pino, Angelo Santana Del 
102005Improving online banking security with hardware devicesPuente, F.; Sandoval, J. D. ; Hernández, P. ; Molina, C. J.
112003Personal Digital Signer for Internet BankingDe la Puente, F. ; Sandoval, J. D. ; Hernandez, P. 
122003Pocket device for authentication and data integrity on Internet banking applicationsDe la Puente, Fernando ; Sandoval, Juan D. ; Hernández, Pablo 
132001Mathematical model for a multiread anticollision protocolHernández, P. ; Sandoval, J. D. ; Puente, F.; Pérez, F.
142000Viral attack to internet banking applicationsDe La Puente, Fernando ; Gonzaález, Santiago; Sandoval, Juan D. ; Hernandez, Pablo 
151996Algoritmo para la simulación paralela de redes de petri temporizadasHernández-Morera, Pablo 
161996Metodología para la simulación de redes de Petri de alto nivel temporizadasHernández-Morera, Pablo