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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019A perspective analysis of handwritten signature technologyDiaz, Moises; Ferrer, Miguel A. ; Impedovo, Donato; Malik, Muhammad Imran; Pirlo, Giuseppe; Plamondon, Réjean
22018Two-steps perceptual important points estimator in 8-connected curves from handwritten signatureFerrer, Miguel A. ; Diaz, Moises ; Carmona-Duarte, Cristina 
32018Recovering western on-line signatures from image-based specimensDiaz, Moises ; Ferrer, Miguel A. ; Parziale, Antonio; Marcelli, Angelo
42018Anthropomorphic features for on-line signaturesDiaz, Moises ; Ferrer, Miguel A.A. ; Quintana Hernández, José Juan 
52018Stirring up the learning to program robotic arms through the generation of student handwritingQuintana, Jose J. ; Diaz, Moises ; Ferrer, Miguel A. ; IEEE
62018iDeLog: Iterative Dual Spatial and Kinematic Extraction of Sigma-Lognormal ParametersFerrer, Miguel A.A. ; Diaz, Moises; Carmona, Cristina A.; Plamondon, Rejean
72018SM-DTW: Stability Modulated Dynamic Time Warping for signature verificationParziale, Antonio; Diaz, Moises; Ferrer, Miguel A. ; Marcelli, Angelo
82018Thai automatic signature verification system employing textural featuresDas, Abhijit; Suwanwiwat, Hemmaphan; Ferrer, Miguel A. ; Pal, Umapada; Blumenstein, Michael
92018A Biometric Attack Case Based on Signature SynthesisFerrer, Miguel A. ; Diaz, Moises; Carmona-Duarte, Cristina; Plamondon, Rejean
102018SSERBC 2017: Sclera segmentation and eye recognition benchmarking competitionDas, Abhijit; Pal, Umapada; Ferrer, Miguel A. ; Blumenstein, Michael; Štepec, Dejan; Rot, Peter; Emeršič, Žiga; Peer, Peter; Štruc, Vitomir; Kumar, S. V.Aruna; Harish, B. S.
112018Linking face images captured from the optical phenomenon in the wild for forensic scienceDas, Abhijit; Sengupta, Abira; Ferrer, Miguel A. ; Pal, Umapada; Blumenstein, Michael
122018SSBC 2018: Sclera segmentation benchmarking competitionDas, Abhijit; Pal, Umapada; Ferrer, Miguel A. ; Blumenstein, Michael; Stepec, Dejan; Rot, Peter; Emersic, Ziga; Peer, Peter; Struc, Vitomir
132018A decision-level fusion strategy for multimodal ocular biometric in visible spectrum based on posterior probabilityDas, Abhijit; Pal, Umapada; Ferrer, Miguel A. ; Blumenstein, Michael
142018Aprendiendo a programar robots antropomórficos mediante manipulación de piezasQuintana, Jose J. ; Aziz, Basma; Diaz, Moises ; Ferrer, Miguel A. 
152018Nonlinear characterization of ECG signals for automatic arrhythmia detectionAlonso-Hernández, Jesús B. ; Barragan-Pulido, Maria L.; Travieso-González, Carlos M. ; Ferrer Ballester, Miguel Ángel ; Plata-Perez, Raquel; Dutta, Malay Kishore; Singh, Anushikha
162018Dynamic signature verification system based on one real signatureDiaz, Moises ; Fischer, Andreas; Ferrer, Miguel A. ; Plamondon, Rejean
172017The new communication network for an internet of everything based security/safety/general management/visitor's services for the Papal Basilica and Sacred Convent of Saint Francis in Assisi, ItalyGambetti, Mauro; Garzia, Fabio; Vargas Bonilla, Francisco Jesus; Ciarlariello, Davide; Ferrer Ballester, Miguel Ángel ; Fusetti, Sergio; Lombardi, Mara; Ramalingam, Soodamani; Ramasamy, Mahalingam; Sacerdoti, Simone; Sdringola, Andrea; Thirupati, Devi; Thomas, Gordon; Faundez Zanuy, Marcos
182017Generation of duplicated off-line signature images for verification systemsDIaz, Moises ; Ferrer, Miguel A. ; Eskander, George S.; Sabourin, Robert
192017Static and dynamic synthesis of bengali and devanagari signaturesFerrer Ballester, Miguel Ángel ; Chanda, S.; Díaz Cabrera, Moisés ; Banerjee, C.K.; Majumdar, A.; Carmona-Duarte, Cristina ; Acharya, P.; Pal, U.
202017Myoelectronic signal-based methodology for the analysis of handwritten signaturesCarmona-Duarte, Cristina ; de Torres-Peralta, Rafael ; Diaz, Moises ; Ferrer, Miguel A. ; Martin-Rincon, Marcos