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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019An efficient 3D color-texture feature and neural network technique for melanoma detectionWarsi, Firoz; Khanam, Ruqaiya; Kamya, Suraj; Suárez Araujo, Carmen Paz 
22019E-mail spam filter based on unsupervised neural architectures and thematic categories: design and analysisCabrera-León, Ylermi ; García Báez, Patricio ; Suárez-Araujo, Carmen Paz 
32019On the application of a recurrent neural network for rainfall quantification based on the received signal from microwave LinksGuerra-Moreno, Iván ; Navarro-Mesa, Juan L. ; Ravelo-Garcia, Antonio G. ; Suárez Araujo, Carmen Paz ; Rojas, I; Joya, G; Catala, A
42018Classification of mild cognitive impairment stages using machine learning methodsCabrera-León, Ylermi ; García Báez, Patricio ; Ruiz Alzola, Juan ; Suárez-Araujo, Carmen Paz 
52018Towards an IOT based system for detection and monitoring of microplastics in aquatic environmentsChaczko, Zenon; Kale, Anup; Santana-Rodriguez, Jose Juan ; Suarez-Araujo, Carmen Paz 
62018Solución computacional para la detección del DCL y del DCL temprano basada en el aprendizaje automáticoSuárez Araujo, Carmen Paz ; Cabrera León, Ylermi ; Fernández-Viadero, C.; Rodríguez-Espinosa, N.; Báez, P. García
72018Non-email spam and machine learning-based anti-spam filters: trends and some remarksCabrera-León, Ylermi ; García Báez, Patricio ; Suárez-Araujo, Carmen Paz 
82017Adaptive segmentation of multimodal polysomnography data for sleep stages detectionProcházka, A.; Kuchyňka, J.; Yadollahi, M.; Suárez Araujo, Carmen Paz ; Vyšata, O.
92016Supervised neural computing solutions for fluorescence identification of benzimidazole fungicides. Data and decision fusion strategiesSuárez-Araujo, Carmen Paz ; García Báez, Patricio ; Sánchez Rodríguez, Álvaro; Santana-Rodrríguez, José Juan 
102016Video processing and 3D modelling of chest movement using MS Kinect depth sensorProcházka, A.; Vysata, O.; Schätz, M.; Charvátová, H.; Suarez Araujo, Carmen Paz ; Geman, O.; Marík, V.
112016Self-organizing maps in the design of anti-spam filters a proposal based on thematic categoriesCabrera-León, Ylermi ; García Báez, Patricio ; Suárez-Araujo, Carmen Paz 
122015Nitric oxide diffusion and multi-compartmental systems: modeling and implicationsLópez, Pablo Fernández; Báez, Patricio García; Suárez Araujo, Carmen Paz 
132015Detection of mild cognitive impairment using a counterpropagation network based system. An e-health solutionBáez, P. García; Viadero, C. Fernández; Espinosa, N. Rodriguez; Pérez Del Pino, Miguel Angel ; Suárez-Araujo, C. P. 
142012EDEVITALZH: predictive, preventive, participatory and personalized e-health platform to assist in the geriatrics and neurology clinical scopesSuárez Araujo, Carmen Paz ; Pérez Del Pino, Miguel Angel ; García Báez, Patricio ; Fernández López, Pablo 
152012SNEOM: a sanger network based extended over-sampling method. Application to imbalanced biomedical datasetsMartínez-García, José Manuel; Suárez-Araujo, Carmen Paz ; Báez, Patricio García
162012A Counterpropagation network based system for screening of mild cognitive ImpairmentMartínez García, J. M.; García Báez, P.; Pérez Del Pino, Miguel Angel ; Fernández Viadero, C.; Suárez-Araujo, C. P. 
172011Artificial neural networks in Alzheimer's diagnosis: a perspectiveGarcía Báez, Patricio ; Suárez Araujo, Carmen Paz ; García, José Manuel Martínez
182011Neural network ensembles with missing data processing and data fusion capacities: applications in medicine and in the environmentGarcía Báez, Patricio ; Suárez Araujo, Carmen Paz ; Fernández López, Pablo 
192011ANDINO: Automata network model for the diffusion of nitric oxide in biological and artificial neural systems. A preliminary studySuárez-Araujo, C. P. ; Fernández-López, P. ; García Báez, P. 
202010HUMANN-based systems for differential diagnosis of dementia using neuropsychological testsGarcía Báez, P.; Fernández Viadero, C.; Pérez Del Pino, Miguel Angel ; Procházka, A.; Suárez Araujo, C. P.