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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019Characterization and modeling of power line corridor elements from LiDAR point cloudsOrtega Trujillo, Sebastián Eleazar ; Trujillo Pino, Agustín Rafael ; Santana, José M. ; Suárez Rivero, José Pablo ; Santana Almeida, Jaisiel A.
22019Making the invisible visible - strategies for visualizing underground infrastructures in immersive environmentsOrtega Trujillo, Sebastián Eleazar ; Wendel, Jochen; Santana, José M. ; Murshed, Syed Monjur; Boates, Isaac; Trujillo Pino, Agustín Rafael ; Nichersu, Alexandru; Suárez Rivero, José Pablo 
32018Location based services for the underground – showcasing a multimodal visualization approach for underground infrastructureOrtega Trujillo, Sebastián Eleazar ; Wendel, Jochen; Santana, José M. ; Nichersu, Alexandru; Simons, Alexander; Trujillo, A. ; Suárez, José P. ; Koch, Andreas
42018Noise reduction automation of LiDAR point clouds for modeling and representation of high voltage lines in a 3D virtual globeSantana Almeida, Jaisiel A.; Ortega Trujillo, Sebastián Eleazar ; Santana, José M. ; Trujillo, A. ; Suárez, José P. 
52017Web-based GIS through a big data open source computer architecture for real time monitoring sensors of a seaportFernández López, Pablo Carmelo ; Santana, Jose M. ; Ortega, Sebastián ; Trujillo, Agustín ; Suárez, Jose P. ; Santana, Jaisiel; Sánchez, Alejandro; Domínguez, Conrado
62017Efficient atmospheric rendering for mobile virtual globesSantana, José M. ; Trujillo, Agustín ; Suárez, José P. ; Ortega, Sebastián 
72017Hyperspectral imaging for brain tumour identification and boundaries delineation in real-time during neurosurgical operationsPineiro, J. F.; Bulters, D.; Ortega, S. ; Fabelo Gómez, Himar; Kabwama, S.; Sosa, C.; Bishop, S.; Martinez-Gonzalez, A.; Szolna, A.; Marrero Callicó, Gustavo 
82017Detection of human brain cancer in pathological slides using hyperspectral imagesOrtega, S. ; Fabelo Gómez, Himar ; Camacho, R.; Plaza, M. L.; Marrero Callicó, Gustavo ; Lazcano, R.; Madroñal, D.; Salvador, R.; Juárez, E.; Sarmiento Rodríguez, Roberto 
92017Accurate triangular regular network adjustment to large digital elevation modelsSantana, José M. ; Trujillo, Agustín ; Suárez, José P. ; Ortega, Sebastián 
102017SVM-based real-time hyperspectral image classifier on a manycore architectureMadroñal, D.; Lazcano, R.; Salvador, R.; Fabelo, H. ; Ortega, S. ; Callico, G. M. ; Juarez, E.; Sanz, C.
112017Porting a PCA-based hyperspectral image dimensionality reduction algorithm for brain cancer detection on a manycore architectureLazcano, R.; Madroñal, D.; Salvador, R.; Desnos, K.; Pelcat, M.; Guerra, R. ; Fabelo, H. ; Ortega, S. ; Lopez, S. ; Callico, G. M. ; Juarez, E.; Sanz, C.
122016Rendering large datasets of georeferenced markers in mobile devicesOrtega, Sebastián ; Trujillo, Agustín ; Santana, José M. ; Suárez, José P. ; Gómez-Deck D.
132016Hyperspectral database of pathological in-vitro human brain samples to detect carcinogenic tissuesOrtega, S. ; Callico, G. M. ; Plaza, M.L. ; Camacho, R; Fabelo, H. ; Sarmiento, R. 
142016Digital epigraphic heritage made simple: an Android app for exploring 3D Roman inscriptionsRamírez-Sánchez, Manuel ; Suárez Rivero, José Pablo ; Trujillo-Pino, Agustín ; Fernández Moniz, Pablo; Santana Núñez, José Miguel ; Ortega, Sebastián 
152016Smartport: a platform for sensor data monitoring in a seaport based on FIWAREFernández, Pablo ; Santana, José Miguel ; Ortega, Sebastián ; Trujillo, Agustín ; Suárez, José Pablo ; Domínguez, Conrado; Santana, Jaisiel; Sánchez, Alejandro
161996Development of high-speed IR sensor chip technologiesDahlin, Michael J.; Hoffman, Alan W.; West, J. L.; West, R.; Santana, J.; Ortega, S. ; Byers, S.; Thiede, David A.; Bailey, S.; Herrin, E.; Levy, M.; Parlato, R.; Maassen, N.