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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020Selecting prices determinants and including spatial effects in peer-to-peer accommodationSuárez Vega, Rafael Ricardo ; Hernández Guerra, Juan María ijgi-09-00259-v2.pdf.jpg
22020Interdisciplinarity metric based on the co-citation networkHernández Guerra, Juan María ; Dorta González, Pablo mathematics-08-00544.pdf.jpg
32020Social Networks and Supply Chain Management in Fish TradePedroza-Gutiérrez, Carmen; Hernández, Juan M. 2158244020931815.pdf.jpg
42020Dynamic optimal ration size in tilapia culture: economic and environmental considerationsDomínguez May, Roger; Poot López, Gaspar R.; Hernández Guerra, Juan María ; Gasca Leyva, Eucario
52019Land use conversion from tourist to residentialSantana-Jiménez, Yolanda ; Hernández, Juan M. ; Suárez-Vega, Rafael 
62019Air pollution and tourism demand: a case study of Beijing, ChinaZhou, Xiaoge; Santana Jiménez, Yolanda ; Pérez Rodríguez, Jorge Vicente ; Hernández Guerra, Juan María 
72019Estimating the influence of the network topology on the agility of food supply chainsHernández Guerra, Juan María ; Pedroza Gutiérrez, Carmenjournal.pone.0218958.pdf.jpg
82019Comparative clustering of destination attractions for different origin markets with network and spatial analyses of online reviewsKirilenko, Andrei P.; Stepchenkova, Svetlana O.; Hernandez, Juan M. 
92019Economic growth and market segment choice in tourism-based economiesGiannoni, Sauveur; Hernández, Juan M. ; Pérez-Rodríguez, Jorge V. 
102018Harvest time optimization considering the stocking density and heterogeneity of sizes in the culture of white shrimp in freshwaterAraneda, Marcelo; Hernández, Juan ; Domínguez-May, Roger; Vela, Miguel A.; Gasca-Leyva, Eucario
112018Understanding European tourists’ use of e-tourism platforms. Analysis of networksDavid-Negre, Tatiana ; Almeida Santana, Arminda ; Hernández, Juan M. ; Moreno-Gil, Sergio 
122018Network approach to tourist segmentation via user generated contentHernández, Juan M. ; Kirilenko, Andrei P.; Stepchenkova, Svetlana
132018Understanding tourists' leisure expenditure at the destination: a social network analysisDavid-Negre, Tatiana ; Hernández, Juan M. ; Moreno-Gil, Sergio 
142017Social networks, market transactions, and reputation as a central resource. The Mercado del Mar, a fish market in central MexicoPedrosa Gutiérrez, C.; Hernández, Juan M. Social_networks_market.pdf.jpg
152017An evolving model for the lodging-service network in a tourism destinationHernández, Juan M. ; Gonzalez-Martel, Christian 
162016The inter-relationship between rural and mass tourism: The case of Catalonia, SpainHernández, Juan M. ; Suárez-Vega, Rafael ; Santana-Jiménez, Yolanda 
172016A new integrated border security approach: The FP7 PERSEUS projectReal-Arce, Daniel A.; Quevedo, Eduardo ; Barrera, Carlos ; Hernández, Joaquín ; Llinás Gonzalez, Octavio ; Barbero, Fernando; Morais, Alvaro
182015Bioeconomic analysis of the environmental impact of a marine fish farmRabassó, Miguel; Hernández, Juan M. 
192015The influence of remoteness and isolation in the rural accommodation rental price among eastern and western destinationsSantana Jiménez, Yolanda ; Sun, Ya Yen; Hernández Guerra, Juan María ; Suárez Vega, Rafael Ricardo 
202014Analysis of ration size in Nile tilapia production: Economics and environmental implicationsPoot-López, Gaspar R.; Hernández, Juan M. ; Gasca-Leyva, Eucario