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12021CO2 fluxes in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean based on measurements from a surface ocean observation platformCurbelo Hernández, David ; González-Dávila, M. ; González, A. G. ; González-Santana, D.; Santana-Casiano, J. M. Artículo
22021Influence of secondary metabolites on surface chemistry and metal adsorption of a devitalized lichen biomonitorFortuna, Lorenzo; González, Aridane G. ; Tretiach, Mauro; Pokrovsky, Oleg S.Artículo
32021Investigating the microbial ecology of coastal hotspots of marine nitrogen fixation in the western North AtlanticWang, Seaver; Tang, Weiyi; Delage, Erwan; Gifford, Scott; Whitby, Hannah, et alArtículo
42021Storage and recycling of major and trace element in mangrovesRay, R.; Mandal, S. K.; González, A. G. ; Pokrovsky, O. S.; Jana, T. K.Artículo
52020A call for refining the role of humic-like substances in the oceanic iron cycleWhitby, Hannah; Planquette, Hélène; Cassar, Nicolas; Bucciarelli, Eva; Osburn, Christopher L., et alArtículoacallforrefining.pdf.jpg
62020Bioaccumulation of vanadium (V), niobium (Nb) and tantalum (Ta) in diverse mangroves of the Indian SundarbansRay, R.; Dutta, B.; Mandal, S. K.; Gonzalez, A. G. ; Pokrovsky, O. S., et alArtículo
72020The Transpolar Drift as a Source of Riverine and Shelf-Derived Trace Elements to the Central Arctic OceanCharette, Matthew A.; Kipp, Lauren E.; Jensen, Laramie T.; Dabrowski, Jessica S.; Whitmore, Laura M., et alArtículoThetranspolardrift.pdf.jpg
82020Antimony uptake by mangroves and its environmental fate in the Sundarbans, IndiaMandal, S. K.; Ray, R.; González, A. G. ; Pokrovsky, O. S.; Jana, T. K.Artículo
92019Zinc isotope fractionation during the inorganic precipitation of calcite – Towards a new pH proxyMavromatis, Vasileios; González, Aridane G. ; Dietzel, Martin; Schott, JacquesArtículo
102019Revisiting the distribution of oceanic N-2 fixation and estimating diazotrophic contribution to marine productionTang, Weiyi; Wang, Seaver; Fonseca-Batista, Debany; Dehairs, Frank; Gifford, Scott, et alArtículoRevistingthedistribution.pdf.jpg
112019Iron complexation by phenolic ligands in seawaterGonzález, Aridane G. ; Cadena-Aizaga, M. Isabel; Sarthou, Geraldine; González-Dávila, Melchor ; Santana-Casiano, J. M. Artículo
122019Iron and copper redox interactions in UV-seawater: A kinetic model approachPérez-Almeida, Norma ; González, Aridane G. ; Santana-Casiano, J. Magdalena ; González-Dávila, Melchor Artículo
132019Accumulation, transport and toxicity of arsenic in the Sundarbans mangrove, IndiaMandalk, Sanjay Kumar; Ray, Raghab; Gonzalez, Aridane G. ; Pokrovsky, Oleg S.; Mavromatis, Vasileios, et alArtículo
142019Interactive impacts of silver and phosphorus on autotrophic biofilm elemental and biochemical quality for a macroinvertebrate consumerCrenier, Clément; Sanchez-Thirion, Kévin; Bec, Alexandre; Felten, Vincent; Ferriol, Jessica, et alArtículointeractiveimpactsofsilver.pdf.jpg
152019State of rare earth elements in the sediment and their bioaccumulation by mangroves: a case study in pristine islands of Indian SundarbanMandal, Sanjay K.; Ray, Raghab; González, Aridane G. ; Mavromatis, Vasileios; Pokrovsky, Oleg S., et alArtículo
162019Biosurface properties and lead adsorption in a clone of Sphagnum palustre (Mosses): Towards a unified protocol of biomonitoring of airborne heavy metal pollutionDi Palma, Anna; González, Aridane G. ; Adamo, Paola; Giordano, Simonetta; Reski, Ralf, et alArtículo
172018Interaction of freshwater diatom with gold nanoparticles: adsorption, assimilation, and stabilization by cell exometabolitesGonzalez, Aridane G. ; Pokrovsky, Oleg S.; Ivanova, Irina; Oleinikova, Olga; Feurtet-Mazel, Agnes, et alArtículointeraction_freshwater_diatom.pdf.jpg
182018Metal contaminations impact archaeal community composition, abundance and function in remote alpine lakesCompte-Port, Sergi; Borrego, Carles M.; Moussard, Hélène; Jeanbille, Mathilde; Restrepo-Ortiz, Claudia Ximena, et alArtículo
192018Antioxidant Potential and Free Radical Scavenging Properties of Seaweed BioactivesJerez-Martel, Idaira; Rivero Rosales, Argimiro ; González González, Aridane ; Suárez De Tangil Navarro, Miguel Ángel ; Rico Santos, Milagros Capítulo de libro
202018Physico-chemical characterization of bryophytes as bioindicators of metal pollutionGonzález, A. G. ; Pokrovsky, Oleg S.Capítulo de libro