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12021Biodegradable Polymer Compounds Reinforced with Banana Fiber for the Production of Protective Bags for Banana Fruits in the Context of Circular EconomyBordón, Pablo ; Paz, Rubén ; Peñalva, Carolina; Vega Rodríguez, Gisela Del Carmen ; Monzón, Mario , et alArtículo
22020Influence of Manufacturing Parameters and Post Processing on the Electrical Conductivity of Extrusion-Based 3D Printed Nanocomposite PartsPaz Hernández, Rubén ; Moriche, Rocío; Monzón Verona, Mario Domingo ; Garcia Montagut, Carlos Joshua Artículoinfluence_manufacturing_parameters.pdf.jpg
32020Mechanical and fire characterization of composite material made of polyethylene matrix and dry chemical powder obtained from end-of-life extinguishersOrtega Medina, Zaida Cristina ; Paz Hernández, Rubén ; Montejo, Alba; Suárez García, Luis Adargoma Artículo
42020Thermal and Mechanical Characterization of Banana Fiber Reinforced Composites for Its Application in Injection MoldingKusić, Dragan; Božič, Uroš; Monzón Verona, Mario Domingo ; Paz Hernández, Rubén ; Bordón Pérez, Pablo Rubén Artículothermal_mechanical_characterization.pdf.jpg
52019Comparison of different cellular structures for the design of selective laser melting parts through the application of a new lightweight parametric optimisation methodPaz Hernández, Rubén ; Monzón, Mario D. ; Bertrand, Philippe; Sova, AlexeyArtículo
62019In vitro model of the glial scarFang, Ao; Hao, Zhiyan; Wang, Ling; Li, Dichen; He, Jiankang, et alArtículo
72019Demonstration of the industrial use of banana plant fibres in injection and blow moulding partsDíaz Padilla, Noelia Del Carmen ; Monzón-Verona, J. M. ; Bozic, U.; Paz Hernández, Rubén ; Muñoz, C., et alActas de congresos
82019Agave Americana for composites production by rotational mouldingSuárez, L.; Ortega, Z. ; Paz Hernández, Rubén ; Pestana, D.; Romero,F., et alPóster de congresosagave_americana_composites.pdf.jpg
92019Optimization methodology for the material assignation in bioprinted scaffolds to achieve the desired stiffness over timePaz, Rubén ; Monzon, Mario D. Artículo
102019Characterization of Agave americana L. plant as potential source of fibres for composites obtainingOrtega, Zaida ; Castellano, Jessica; Suarez, Luis; Paz Hernández, Rubén ; Diaz, Noelia , et alArtículoCharacterization of Agave americana L plant as potencial source of fibres for composites obtaining.pdf.jpg
112019Experimental analysis and simulation of novel technical textile reinforced composite of banana fibreMonzón Verona, Mario Domingo ; Paz Hernández, Rubén ; Verdaguer, Martí; Suárez, Luis; Badalló, Pere, et alArtículoExperimental_analysis_simulation.pdf.jpg
122019Knowledge transfer and standards needs in additive manufacturingMonzón, Mario ; Paz, Rubén ; Ortega, Zaida ; Diaz, Noelia Capítulo de libro
132019ecoFIBRAS Project: a strategy to improve ecosystems affected by invasive plant species in MacaronesiaSuárez, Luis; Paz Hernández, Rubén ; Ortega Medina, Zaida Cristina ; Díaz Padilla, Noelia Del Carmen ; Monzón Verona, Mario Domingo , et alActas de congresosecofibras_project_strategy.pdf.jpg
142019Potential use of Pennisetum Setaceum as a source of fibres for composites productionOrtega, Z. ; Suárez,L.; Díaz, Noelia ; Paz Hernández, Rubén ; Romero, F., et alPóster de congresospotential_use_pennisetum.pdf.jpg
152019Comparison between geometry-based and voxel-based modelling techniques for the prediction of the mechanical behaviour of polymeric scaffolds obtained by extrusion-based Additive ManufacturingVega Rodríguez, Gisela Del Carmen ; Paz Hernández, Rubén ; Monzón, M. ; A. GledallActas de congresos
162019Pilot plant for the new use of a waste of banana crop to develop products of plastic composite and aquacultureVega Rodríguez, Gisela Del Carmen ; Monzón, M. ; Díaz Padilla, Noelia Del Carmen ; Paz Hernández, Rubén Actas de congresos
172019The effect of the manufacturing process on the properties of freeze-dried cellulose reinforced alginate-based scaffoldsMonzón Verona, Mario Domingo ; Paz Hernández, Rubén ; Alemán Domínguez, María Elena ; Wang,Ling; Donate González, Ricardo Ponencia
182019Improvement of fibre quality by enhancement the fibre extractionDíaz Padilla, Noelia Del Carmen ; Ortega García, Raquel ; Monzón Verona, José Miguel ; Pestana Guillén, Jesús David ; Paz Hernández, Rubén Actas de congresos
192019Methodology for numerical simulation of the degradation process of 3d printed biopolymeric scaffoldsAbdelfatah, J.; Paz Hernández, Rubén ; Monzón-Verona, José Miguel ; Winter, G. Actas de congresos
202019Cráneos con traumas craneoencefálicos obtenidos mediante fabricación aditiva para fines didácticos en neurocirugíaGarcía Montagut, Carlos Joshua ; Monzón Verona, Mario D. ; Paz Hernández, Rubén ; Pumar Carreras, Maria Nayra ; Ruiz Alzola, Juan , et alActas de congresosCraneos_traumas_craneoencefalicos.pdf.jpg