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12010Analytical methodologies for the determination of nitroimidazole residues in biological and environmental liquid samples: A reviewMahugo Santana,Cristina Isabel ; Sosa-Ferrera, Zoraida ; Torres-Padrón, Ma Esther ; Santana-Rodríguez, José Juan Reseña
22009Coupling of solid-phase microextraction with micellar desorption and high performance liquid chromatography for the determination of pharmaceutical residues in environmental liquid samplesTorres Padrón, M. E. ; Sosa Ferrera, Z. ; Santana Rodríguez, J. J. Artículo
32009Solid-phase microextraction with micellar desorption and HPLC-fluorescence detection for the analysis of fluoroquinolones residues in water samplesEsponda, Sarah Montesdeoca ; Padrón, Ma Esther Torres ; Ferrera, Zoraida Sosa ; Rodríguez, José Juan Santana Artículo
42008Recent trends in the use of organized molecular systems combined with chromatographic techniques in environmental analysisSantana Rodríguez, José Juan ; Sosa Ferrera, María Zoraida ; Vega Moreno, Daura ; Torres Padrón, María Esther ; Mahugo Santana, CristinaArtículo
52008Preconcentration of pharmaceuticals residues in sediment samples using microwave assisted micellar extraction coupled with solid phase extraction and their determination by HPLC-UVCueva-Mestanza, R.; Sosa-Ferrera, Z. ; Torres-Padrón, M. E. ; Santana-Rodríguez, J. J. Artículo
62008Implementation of solid-phase microextraction with micellar desorption method for priority phenolic compound determination in natural watersPadron, M. E. Torres ; Mahugo Santana,Cristina Isabel ; Ferrera, Z. Sosa ; Santana Rodríguez, José Juan Artículo
72008Microwave-assisted micellar extraction coupled with solid-phase extraction for preconcentration of pharmaceuticals in molluscs prior to determination by HPLCCueva-Mestanza, R.; Torres-Padrón, M. E. ; Sosa-Ferrera, Z. ; Santana-Rodriguez, J. J. Artículo
82007Development of a solid-phase microextraction method with micellar desorption for the determination of chlorophenols in water samples - Comparison with conventional solid-phase microextraction methodMahugo Santana,Cristina Isabel ; Torres Padron, M. E. ; Sosa Ferrera, Z. ; Santana Rodríguez, José Juan Artículo
92007Establishment of a green method combining microwave assisted micellar extraction and SPE for the determination of organochlorine pesticides in seaweedsVega Moreno, D. ; Sosa Ferrera, Z. ; Santana Rodríguez, J.J. Póster de congresos0561722_00000_0000.pdf.jpg
102007Combinación de medios moleculares organizados con sistemas de extracción y microextracción en fase sólida: implementación en muestras sólidas de origen marino y terrestre para la determinación de pesticidas organocloradosVega Moreno, Daura Tesis doctoral3150.pdf.jpg