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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12000Study and reflections on the functional and organisational role of neuromessenger nitric oxide in learning: an artificial and biological approachSuárez-Araujo, Carmen Paz 
22002Access to spectrally resolved ultra-dense hot low Z emissivities and opacitiesSchott, R; Philippe, F; Angelo, P; Dufour, E; Poquerusse, A; Leboucher-Dalimier, E; Sauvan, P; Velarde, P; Ogando, F; Minguez, E; Gil, JM ; Rubiano, JG ; Rodriguez, R; Martel, P; Mancini, R
32002Ultra-dense hot low Z line transition opacity simulationsSauvan, P; Minguez, E; Gill, JM ; Rodriguez, R; Rubiano, JG ; Martel, P; Angelo, P; Schott, R; Philippe, F; Leboucher-Dalimier, E; Mancini, R; Calisti, A
42004Beyond reason: emotionSuárez Araujo, Carmen Paz ; Barahona da Fonseca, Isabel; Barahona da Fonseca, José; Simões da Fonseca, J.
52006Comparing wavelets estimators for a set of signalsLuengo-Merino, I.; Hernández-Flores, C. N. ; Saavedra-Santana, Pedro 
62008A framework for modeling competitive and cooperative computation in retinal processingMoreno-Díaz, Roberto ; De Blasio, Gabriel ; Moreno-Díaz, Arminda
72008ABAKO/RAPCAL: A flexible computational package to perform radiative properties calculations and diagnostics in a wide range of plasma conditionsFlorido, R. ; Rodriguez, R. ; Gil, J. M. ; Rubiano, J. G. ; Martel, P. ; Mínguez, E.; Sauvan, P.; Mancini, R.
82008Spectrally resolved intensities of ultra-dense hot aluminum plasmasGil, J. M. ; Rodriguez, R. ; Florido, R. ; Rubiano, J. G. ; Martel, P. ; Mínguez, E.; Sauvan, P.; Angelo, P.; Schott, R.; Dalimier, E.; Mancini, R.
92009Learning from the moth: A comparative study of robot-based odor source localization strategiesBadia, Sergi Bermúdezi ; Verschure, Paul F.M.J.
102011Odour mapping under strong backgrounds with a metal oxide sensor arrayZiyatdinov, Andrey; Calvo, José María Blanco; Lechón, Miguel; Bermúdez I Badia, Sergi ; Verschure, Paul F M J; Marco, Santiago; Perera, Alexandre