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Title: Migración y ecología trófica de peces migradores verticales dominantes del Atlántico nordeste subtropical: implicaciones en el flujo activo de carbono
Other Titles: Migration and feeding chronology of dominant diel vertical migrant fishes in the subtropical eastern northatlantic ocean : implications for active flux efficiency
Authors: Ariza, Alejandro V.
UNESCO Clasification: 251001 Oceanografía biológica
Keywords: Peces
Migración vertical
Ciencia Compartida
Issue Date: 2012
Conference: Primer ciclo de Ciencia Compartida 
Abstract: Diel vertical migrants (DVMs) are mainly zooplankton and micronekton that migrate upward from 400-700 m depth every night to feed in the productive epipelagic zone and come back at dawn to the mesopelagic zone, where they release the ingested carbon. DVMs should contribute to the biological pump in the ocean and, accordingly, to thevglobal CO2 balance. A large portion of the DVMs biomass are the lanternfishes (myctophidae), which might represent a pathway accounting for a substantial export of organic carbon to the deep ocean. Nevertheless, the magnitude of this transport is still poorly known. The combined study of migration and feeding ecology is a good approach to improve our knowledge of the DVMs role in this active carbon flux. Two dominant myctophids in the Subtropical Eastern North Atlantic Ocean (Hygophum hygomii (Lütken, 1892) and (Lobianchia dofleini (Zugmayer, 1911)) were studied from several surveys carried out around the Canary Islands during the last decade. Our results showed a marked diel vertical migration and a prevailing nocturnal feeding with predation mainly on copepods and euphausiids. The digestion state of prey suggested a slow stomach evacuation rate and that most of the ingested carbon in the epipelagic is efficiently transported to the mesopelagic zone.
Source: Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Biblioteca de Ciencias Básicas Carlos Bas. Primer ciclo de ciencia compartida (Febrero 2012)
Rights: by-nc-nd
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