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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Perforated gastrointestinal stromal tumor in Meckel's diverticulum treated laparoscopicallyLópez-Tomassetti Fernández, Eudaldo M.; Hernández Hernández, Juan Ramón ; Nuñez Jorge, Valentin
2012New models towards assessing anti-cancer therapeuticsRomero-Camarero, Isabel; Barajas-Diego, Marcos; Castellanos-Martín, Andrés; García-Martín, Ángel; Varela, Gonzalo ; Abad, Mar; Ludeña, María Dolores ; Pérez-Losada, Jesús; Sánchez-García, Isidro
2011Automatic terminological collocations extraction from large corpusSantana Suárez, Octavio; Sánchez Berriel, Isabel; Pérez Aguiar, José ; Gutiérrez Rodríguez, Virginia
2004Nuclear receptors in macrophage biology: At the crossroads of lipid metabolism and inflammationCastrillo, Antonio ; Tontonoz, Peter 
2011Liver X receptors as regulators of macrophage inflammatory and metabolic pathwaysA-González, Noelia; Castrillo, Antonio
2011Extraction of quantitative anatomical information from coronary angiographiesNóvoa, Francisco J. ; Ezquerra, Norberto ; Traba, Lola; Villar, Martín; Pereira, Javier ; Vázquez-Rodríguez, José Manuel; Vázquez, Nicolás; Martinez-Romero, Marcos; Mato, Virgina
2010Nitric oxide and respiratory helminthic diseasesMuro, Antonio ; Pérez-Arellano, José Luís 
2010Portable Chest Drainage Systems and Outpatient Chest Tube ManagementVarela, Gonzalo ; Jiménez, Marcelo F. ; Novoa, Nuria 
2010Digital and Smart Chest Drainage Systems to Monitor Air Leaks: The Birth of a New Era?Cerfolio, Robert J.; Varela, Gonzalo ; Brunelli, Alessandro 
2010General and ambulatory management of patient with parasitosisSantana, A. J.; Cabrera, J. C.; Muroc, A. ; Pérez Arellano, J. L. 
2010Geohelminthiasis and tissular nematodiasisMuro, A. ; Dib, J.; Yepes, E.; Pérez-Arellano, J. L. 
2010Arthropods and diseasesPérez-Arellano, J. L. ; Bolaños-Rivero, M.; Fernández-Soto, P.; Muro, A. 
2010Trematode infectionsMuroa, A. ; Pérez Del Villara, L.; Velascoa, V.; Pérez-Arellano, J. L. 
2010Nematodosis I: FilariasisPérez-Arellano, J. L. ; Carranza-Rodríguez, C. ; Vieira-Listac, C.; Muroc, A.
2010Tapeworm infectionsMuroa, A.; Andradea, M. A.; Shariatia, F.; Pérez-Arellano, J. L. 
2010Hemotissular protozoa flagellate infections II: Chagas disease. African trypanosomiasisMuro, A. ; López Abán, J. ; Ternavasio-De-La-Vega, H. G.; Pérez-Arellano, J. L. 
2010Amebiasis, giardiasis, trichomoniasisPérez-Arellano, J. L. ; Carranza-Rodríguez, C. ; Vicente-Santiago, B. ; Muro, A. 
2010MalariaPérez-Arellano, J. L. ; Carranza-Rodríguez, C. ; Rojas, J. V.; Muro, A. 
2010Protozoan hemoflagellate infections I: LeishmaniasisPérez-Arellano, J. L. ; Carranza-Rodríguez, C. ; Cordero-Sánchez, M.; Muro, A. 
2010Other protozoal infections: Cryptosporidiosis, isosporiasis, cyclosporiasis, microsporidiosis and toxoplasmosisMuro, A. ; Pérez-Del-Villar Moro, L.; Vicente-Santiago, B.; Pérez Arellano, J. L. 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 611