Bosch Guerra, Néstor Echedey

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Bosch Guerra, Néstor Echedey
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Investigador Doctor Competitivo Pic D
Ciencias de la Naturaleza
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My research focuses on understanding the mechanisms underpinning variation in the diversity and assemblage structure of reef fish communities across spatial and temporal scales, with a major focus on using trait-based approaches to understand how global (climate change) and localised (fishing, urbanization, pollution) stressors alter the ecosystem functions and services provided by marine fishes. I work at a range of spatio-temporal scales seeking to uncouple biogeographic, evolutionary and ecological mechanisms that structure biological communities, bridging macroecology and community ecology to provide generalised insights that can be used to improve the management and conservation of increasingly altered marine ecosystems. During the first 6 years of my academic career (Master´s and PhD research), I have published 24 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals (JCR), including top-ranked generalist (e.g. Global Change Biology, Conservation Biology) and broad ecological (e.g. Journal of Biogeography, Journal of Ecology, Functional Ecology, Oecologia) journals. Importantly, I am the first author in ca. 25% of published papers. This scientific production has received 175 citations (h-index = 7, Google scholar). In addition, I am actively involved in the peer-review process of scientific articles, including recent revisions in Coral Reefs, Ecological indicators, and Marine Biology. An important part of my research builds on interdisciplinary collaborations both within academia and with governmental institutions, exemplified in ca. 55 collaborators involved in my PhD thesis from more than 15 different institutions. This has boost my communication skills outside academic fields. In addition, I have developed strong quantitative skills in ecological modelling and handling of large biodiversity datasets, which I put in practice using FAIR (Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reuse) principles through a range of Open Access repositories (e.g. R codes, My goal is that these resources can be used by academics and general practitioners to improve the management and conservation of marine ecosystems. During my PhD at UWA, I supervised a master project that received high distinction: “Assemblage feeding rates of scraping herbivorous fishes: local drivers of abundance can be more important than temperature on reefs undergoing tropicalization”. This master was funded through grants from non-governmental organizations that I was awarded as principal investigator, for a total amount of ca. AUD 40,000. Importantly, this not only contributed to the development of the master project, but also to the production of four articles, with one more currently in production. In addition, I have also conducted teaching assistantships at the University of Western Australia, during 2019 and 2020, in Field Methods in Marine Ecology course.